Where To Watch Bad Boys For Life Online (Netflix, Hulu Or Prime)

Bad Boys For Life reunited Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, and here’s where it can be found online and if it’s on Netflix, Hulu or Prime.

Where can 2020 action sequel Bad Boys For Life be seen online, and is it on Netflix, Hulu or Prime? The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air made Will Smith into a huge TV star during the early 1990s, but he credits Michael Bay with making him a movie star with 1995’s Bad Boys. Specifically, he cites a shot where his character is running in slow motion with his shirt open – and the way the audience reacted to said sequence during a screening – with helping him make the leap to the big screen. Bay, in turn, has credited his leads Smith and Martin Lawrence with transforming a mediocre script into a fun buddy comedy where they mostly improvised their lines.

The original Bad Boys movie was fairly modestly budgeted so the studio didn’t have high expectations, but Bay’s signature style and the chemistry of the leads made it a surprise smash. The trio later reteamed for 2003’s Bad Boys 2, where Smith’s Mike and Lawrence’s Marcus run through another gauntlet of chaos orchestrated by Bay. The sequel’s excessive, overblown approach to both action and humor saw it receive largely bad reviews, but it was another success and is considered a guilty pleasure now, as Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz would later prove. The road to Bad Boys 3 proved a surprisingly long one, with Bay eventually dropping out and new helmers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah handed the tricky task of continuing the series over 15 years later.

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To the surprise of many, not only was Bad Boys For Life much better than expected, some would argue it’s the best of the franchise. The story took the ages of its leading men into account and crafted a movie that had the setpieces viewers were expecting but with a surprising amount of heart too. In addition to stronger-than-expected reviews, the threequel was also one of the most successful movies of 2020. Given its success, it’s an easy film to track down online.

Bad Boys 3

According to JustWatch, Bad Boys For Life isn’t currently available on the likes of Netflix or Hulu, but it can be found on Starz, Spectrum or DirecTV. Its also available to purchase digitally from platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, Redbox, Google Play and others. Bad Boys For Life ended in a relatively open way, and thanks to its box-office success, few were surprised when another entry was quickly greenlit.

The question remains whether Bad Boys 4 will happen though. Little had been heard of the movie since it was announced, and given how long the third movie took to come together, viewers may have another long wait. There’s also Will Smith’s slight aversion to sequels – seen most recently by dropping out of the likes of The Suicide Squad – but given the positive reception Bad Boys For Life received, hopefully, it won’t be another 17 year wait for the next Mike and Marcus outing.

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