Twitter Users Ponder the Weirdest Thing They Have Ever Gotten Into Trouble For At Work


I have a friend who used to work in one of those larger department stores in which different companies give out free samples of food in order to lure people in to try their business. She herself was friends with a guy who played the part of one of those shop floor sirens. He worked for a chocolatier/bakery type of place. Every day he’d be out there from morning until later afternoon, gliding among the customers on his invisible leash, left hand extended and pointedly moving a plate of delicious treats in the air like a snake swaying before its prey. He seemed to be really good at his job. Enthusiastic, tireless, and with a decent success rate—people would often bite both the metaphorical and literal bait and follow him back to the main kiosk. This is why my friend was surprised that one day she came in to find him being loudly berated and very definitely fired from the job that he seemed to do so well. She hurried past the scene, late for her shift but craning her neck to try to understand the cause of the ruckus. She remained none the wiser until her break, at which point she texted him to find out what had happened. It turned out that the guy had been siphoning off supplies from the sample tray that he was using to lure customers in, funneling a steady procession of delicious treats straight into his mouth whenever he thought no one was looking. He got so good at not being detected, and his hit rate with customers otherwise was so steady, that the owner of the kiosk never suspected anything strange was happening. Until, that is, that morning, when the treats thief had finally apparently reached some sort of upper limit on his consumption of free deliciousness, and upon taking another secret mouthful, proceeded to vomit all over a paying customer’s shoes.

That was quite an understandable firing, all things considered. Stupid in many ways, but understandable. I bring it up because Twitter user Katie Harrington posted a prompt the other day that asked users to ponder the opposite end of that understandable scale when it comes to ridiculous trouble that people have gotten into at work. See for yourself why Jimmy McNulty was right:

Okay but like, these are just hilarious:

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