Topher Grace’s Role Wouldn’t Be the Same if He Weren’t a Father Himself

Topher Grace will always be known as Eric Forman, the dorky teen from the infinitely popular television series, That ’70s Show. In 2005, Grace unexpectedly left the show after seven seasons to pursue an acting career in film. Since that time, he has taken on many controversial roles. He has portrayed the Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard in BlacKkKlansmann and played a villainous technology CEO in Black Mirror. Grace is returning to television after more than 15 years. This time around, however, he is playing the lead character in the ABC comedy sitcom Home Economics — and Topher Grace is no longer a nerdy kid but instead the father of three young children.

Topher Grace leans on his experience as a father to relate to his ‘Home Economics’ character

Topher Grace | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Grace admitted in an interview with GQ that, as a father, he identifies with the daily struggles of his character. He said, “I don’t have twins. But I understood that underwater feeling you have when the kids are really young, and you’re trying to live out creative passions.” The role seems to come naturally to Grace, who tells the story to GQ about eating off the plate of one of the kids on set, saying, “That’s what happens when you become a dad.”

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