‘Ted Lasso’ Star Jason Sudekis and Elizabeth Olsen From ‘Wanda Vision’ Weigh in on Scarlett Johansson’s Lawsuit With Disney

Hollywood is never short on the legal drama, but it’s not every day you hear such big names in a lawsuit as Scarlett Johansson and Disney together. That’s exactly what happened in late July when Johansson filed suit against Disney, claiming breach of contract. A breach that potentially cost the star quite a bit of money and could set a precedent for other stars. Johansson took a risk by filing the lawsuit, but so far it has been well received by other stars, especially since they realize it could have easily been them.

Elizabeth Olsen | Getty Images

Johansson sues Disney for breach of contract

Movie stars are obviously well paid, but how much they get paid is determined by each movie’s contract. This is precisely why Johansson has made the bold move to sue Disney for breach of contract for her latest movie, Black Widow. Disney potentially cost Johansson millions of dollars in profits when they chose to release the movie simultaneously in theaters and on Disney+, their paid subscription home streaming service.

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