Stranger Things Star Breaks Down Season 4’s Four-Arc Structure

Stranger Things star David Harbour reveals the upcoming fourth season of the hit Netflix series will follow four intertwining story arcs.

Stranger Things’ David Harbour revealed the upcoming fourth season of the show is built on four story arcs that were established in the first three seasons.

Speaking at New York Comic Con 2021, Harbour explained how the three teaser videos posted to the official Stranger Things YouTube account will come into play in Season 4. “So, there’s four… Scene 001, 002… then we came out with the Creel House. There’ll be one more.” Creel House refers to a brand new location for Season 4 that was revealed in a teaser last month. “So there are these storylines coursing through.”

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The actor, who portrays former Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper, further explained that one of those story arcs will involve his character being in Russia, which series creators the Duffer Brothers previously confirmed was inspired by their love of 1963’s The Great Escape. “You’ve seen that there is a Demogorgon in this prison from last season,” he continued. “I think they also referenced Alien 3, I think it was the Finch Alien, where they’re trapped in a prison with a monster. There’s an escape, Hopper trying to get home to his family element to it, which is really incredible. It’s an incredible storyline. I think I have the best storyline.”

Harbour also revealed that a second storyline will dig deeper into the relationship between Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), as well as what Eleven went through at the institution. “It relates to this narrative coming back, and then there’s this new Creel House thing, which is a new element of a situation in Hawkins, which of course, all relate,” the actor continued. “But we’re also trying to draw it back to make sure that we don’t have an ending like some of us felt about the show Lost. Like, ‘What happened to the polar bear?’ So, we’re trying to draw it so the smoke monster, and the Demogorgon, and the Upside Down itself — which you need to know more about — all starts to come to a head. And [it] really becomes a complete piece.”

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Harbour promised fans the new season will answer a lot of questions that were left open-ended at the end of Season 3, including what’s going on with Hopper and Joyce and where Hopper’s relationship with Eleven currently stands. “To me, it’s the deepest season we’ve got to go with him, and the most self-aware. He starts to really uncover these truths that we’ve only hinted at before,” he concluded. “So it’s a really deep season, and it’s got tremendous action to it — action on a level that we’ve never done before. So, it’s really exciting, and I’m so sorry it’s taking so long. It’s gonna be so good, though. Don’t give up on us!”

Season 4 of Stranger Things will arrive on Netflix in 2022.

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