Martin Scorsese’s Funniest Acting Role Was in an Animated Kids’ Film

Martin Scorsese built a solid reputation for films such as Raging Bull, The Color of Money, Taxi Driver, and of course, Goodfellas. With so many movie classics under his belt as an acclaimed director, sometimes people forget that Scorsese’s been in front of the camera too. Fans may never catch him in a Marvel film, but he’s had roles that are more than cameos, including one in a children’s flick.

Martin Scorsese | James Devaney/WireImage/Getty Images

Martin Scorsese starred in ‘Shark Tale’

Once upon a time, Scorsese played a pufferfish in a kids’ animated movie. A DreamWorks production, 2004’s Shark Tale featured a star-studded cast that included Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Jack Black, Renée Zellweger, Ziggy Marley, and Robert De Niro. The story was part gangster flick, part romance, and part comedy.

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