Mandy Moore Shared Her Favorite Clean Beauty Products

  • Mandy Moore shared her favorite beauty products she uses to create a “five-minute face,” in a recent Instagram story.
  • Her must-have products include the Saie Slip Tint Dewy Tinted Moisturizer, the PYT Beauty The Upcycle Eyeshadow Palette, and the Merit Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil
  • Her quick makeup routine includes all clean beauty brands.

    Mandy Moore may have a busy schedule, but she doesn’t let it affect her beauty routine. Instead of foregoing makeup altogether (like so many celebs have this summer), she’s consolidated her morning routine and turned it into an efficient—and gorgeous!—“five-minute face.”

    In an Instagram story, the This Is Us star shared a few of her must-have beauty products that she uses to create a fresh and dewy look, in just five minutes. And there’s two things all of her picks have in common: they’re all formulated with clean ingredients and they’re affordable.

    She uses a lightweight moisturizer.

    In the Instagram story, she captioned “other things sparking joys these days…clean beauty.” And one of the standout beauty products from her shelfie post is the Saie Slip Tint Dewy Tinted Moisturizer. At $32, this small but mighty tinted moisturizer contains good-for-you skincare ingredients like licorice for brightening effects, jojoba esters for moisture, and SPF 35 for sun protection.

    The multitasking moisturizer is a bestseller on Sephora and reviewers love how well it hydrates the skin while providing super lightweight coverage.

    The eyeshadow palette she loves is just $18.

    For the eyes, Moore uses the PYT Beauty The Upcycle Eyeshadow Palette in “cool crew nude.” Formulated with vitamin E and sunflower seed oil, this palette contains 12 highly pigmented shades, including mattes and glitters. The range of cool-toned hues also makes it ideal for both natural and bold makeup looks.

    With a 4.6-star rating, Amazon shoppers rave about how blendable and versatile the powders are. We also love that it’s made of sustainable materials featuring 15% recycled plastic and a patented pre-degraded plastic, creating a more environmentally-friendly option.

    She opts for tinted gel to fill in her brows, instead of a pencil.

    Moore fills in her brows with the Kosas Air Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel. This tinted gel has a mousse-like texture and works great at creating fluffy, feathery-looking brows. The formula includes castor oil, biotinoyl tripeptide, and vitamin B5, so each swipe will leave each hair nourished and promote growth.

    Hot tip: For an extra brow boost, use your spoolie to brush hairs backward from the tail end of your brows to the inner corner. Then brush the eyebrow hairs back into place to set them for the perfect natural look.

    Her favorite blush pulls double duty.

    For a slight pop of color on her cheeks, Moore reaches for the Jamie Makeup Blighlighter, which is a combination of blush and highlighter—saving you a step (and time!) in your morning routine. Just a few swipes across your cheeks will leave them looking flushed and glowy. It’s also formulated with key ingredients like shea butter to provide hydration and hyaluronic acid to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    The lip oil she uses keeps her pout hydrated all day long.

    Of course, no look is complete without a little lip love, and Moore uses the Merit Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil to give herself a glossy pout. The lip tint falls between an oil and a light stain that can complement a glam or dressed-down look. It helps to maintain moisture levels in the lips thanks to its rosehip oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil ingredients.

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