Josh Peck Will Do a Liam Neeson Impression in a ‘Taken’-Inspired Episode

Josh Peck is no stranger to filling the shoes of iconic actors. He’s already been given the honor of following in Tom Hanks’ footsteps as Scott Turner’s son, Scott Turner Jr., in the Disney+ reboot of Turner & Hooch. Now, a future episode of the reboot will see Peck channel action legend Liam Neeson, as Turner & Hooch will pay homage to 2008’s Taken. Here’s what Peck said about the episode.

Josh Peck as Scott Turner Jr. in ‘Turner & Hooch’ | Farah Nosh/Disney

‘Turner & Hooch’ reboot stars Josh Peck as Scott Turner Jr.

Turner & Hooch picks up decades after the original 1989 Tom Hanks film. Peck plays Scott Jr., an uptight U.S. Marshall who likes everything neat and organized and keeps a Roomba vacuum as a roommate.

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