Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Angel Eyes’ Co-Star Wouldn’t Let Her Undress in Front of Him Because of His Marriage

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to showing off her body for the screen. Throughout her career, Lopez has indulged in love scenes with a variety of A-Listers, with some movies requiring the actors involved to undress to add authenticity to the take. But there was a time when one of Lopez’s own co-stars insisted that the actor keep as many clothes on as possible for their love scene. And it was all out of respect for his wife.

Jim Caviezel almost turned down his role in ‘Angel Eyes’ with Jennifer Lopez

Jim Caviezel | John Paul Filo/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez played a huge part in casting Jim Caviezel for the 2001 thriller Angel Eyes. Ultimately, it was the actor’s performance in the movie Thin Red Line that got him the part, where Lopez noticed that he showcased a quiet intensity. But Caviezel originally turned down the role not once, but twice. The film’s director would ask Caviezel to do the role a second time.

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