Human sex trafficking occurs in our nicest towns.

When most people hear about human trafficking, they think of a teen girl who is traveling to Europe, who meets a charming guy at the airport, only to be taken and sold hours later. Alright, that’s the Liam Neeson movie, “Taken” but you get the point. Like many other societal issues, we automatically rationalize that the problem is happening somewhere far away. Unfortunately, human trafficking is right here in front of our faces but most people don’t recognize it. 

For the last 16 years, I have been participating in rescues of women and children. In 2005, I started what is now an international effort to combat, among other things, kidnapping and human trafficking. Kingsman Philanthropic Corp. is now a non-profit with more than 5,000 security contractors who work on six continents on kidnap rescues, human trafficking recoveries and missing child cases. 

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