How Powerful Tom Hardy’s Venom Is Compared To Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

Tom Hardy’s Venom and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could square off in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which raises questions about how the characters compare.

Warning: Spoilers for Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

How Strong Is Tom Hardy’s Venom? Powers & Abilities Explained

Eddie Brock as Venom in the 2018 film

Venom is a powerful alien symbiote from the planet Klyntar. As a symbiote, the creature can bond with various lifeforms and joins with Brock in 2018’s Venom. He’s sadistic, cannibalistic, and has a craving for eating human heads. The symbiote’s powers genuinely run the gamut. The creature has superhuman strength, durability, speed, stamina, agility, and senses. He can also shapeshift and often uses self-generated tentacles and tendrils as weapons against enemies. Venom can increase his body mass on command and has an accelerated healing factor that even extends to his host. For instance, the symbiote saves Brock’s life after he’s impaled in Venom. Brock’s symbiote also has a never-ending appetite, causing him to devour his enemies constantly.

But like any powerful creature in the MCU, Venom also has weaknesses. Fire and sonic vibrations can lead to Venom’s undoing, and both of these weaknesses were on display in Venom. In Venom and Brock’s final fight against Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) and Riot, Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) uses sound to help disorient Venom’s foe. Additionally, fire from an exploding spacecraft ultimately kills Drake and Riot, and it nearly kills Venom.

How Powerful Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man Is

The MCU has repeatedly shown that Holland’s Spider-Man is one of its most powerful characters. Spider-Man has superpowers even without his incredibly high-tech suits. Due to a radiated spider bite, Parker has enhanced physiology, giving him super strength, durability, stamina, and speed. Peter Parker also has Spider-Sense that lets him perceive events early. The Spider-Sense has been on display in the MCU time and time again, even allowing Spider-Man to sense his upcoming death in Avengers: Infinity War. Spider-Man’s suits add to his abilities. Throughout the MCU, Spider-Man’s various suits have included upgraded armor, web-shooters, web wings, and Tony Stark nanotech. No Way Home hints Spider-Man could even have a magically enhanced suit on the way, courtesy of Doctor Strange.

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However, Spider-Man isn’t invincible. After the world learns about Parker’s identity, his loved ones undoubtedly become targets. And Parker has a lot of loved ones, including his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau), Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon), and MJ/Michelle Jones (Zendaya). With so many people to protect, Parker can leave himself vulnerable. In fact, his friends are the reason he goes to Doctor Strange in No Way Home in the first place. Also, as brilliant as Parker is, he’s still a kid. And his childlike naivety even lets him fall right into Mysterio’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) schemes in Far From Home.

Is Tom Hardy’s Venom Stronger Than Tom Holland’s Spider-Man?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Spidey And Venom

When it comes to physical strength and abilities, Tom Hardy’s Venom is more powerful than Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Venom doesn’t need a suit to gain his powers. He can morph his body and grow his mass without any tech or outside upgrades. The difference is painfully obvious ahead of Spider-Man’s battle with Mysterio in Far From Home. Ahead of the fight, Parker tells Happy Hogan, “I need a suit.” Though Parker is powerful and has enhanced senses, Spider-Man requires his suits in battle. Meanwhile, Venom has the ability to consume Parker, suit and all, on his own. And if Venom catches Spider-Man without his suit, the web-slinger doesn’t have much of a chance.

On the other hand, Parker’s suits could give him an advantage. Venom’s main weaknesses are sound and fire. Considering Spider-Man creates an entirely new, customized suit using Tony Stark’s tech ahead of his showdown with Mysterio in Far From Home, adding sonic waves and fire would be minor upgrades. Sans suit, Parker is vulnerable. With a suit, Venom faces some competition.

Will Venom & Spider-Man Fight In The MCU?

The MCU is doing everything it can to set up a clash between Venom and Spider-Man. At the end of Venom, Brock makes a deal with his symbiote to only eat villains. Venom continues this righteous path in Venom 2, ultimately biting the head off of Woody Harrelson’s evil Cletus Kasady in the film. Since the Venom: Let There Be Carnage post-credits scene shows Venom watching Far From Home footage that presents Spider-Man as a villain, the symbiote may want to add the web-slinger to his menu. Additionally, Venom mentions having a hive mind that transcends his own universe. This hive mind, along with Venom licking Spider-Man’s image, hints that the symbiote is aware he has a history with Spider-Man in Marvel’s comics and even 2007’s Spider-Man 3. Since Spider-Man and Venom are both heroes in the MCU, the pair may not be at odds for long; however, a showdown in Spider-Man: No Way Home almost seems inevitable.

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