‘House of Payne’ Star Lavan Davis’ Is Still Single despite Rumors He Married Cassi Davis

LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis played man and wife on Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne,” and there has always been a controversy about them being married. However, reports show that LaVan is still very much single.

Hollywood star LaVan Davis who played Curtis Payne on “House of Payne” starred alongside Cassi Davis, who was his TV wife. Because of their similar surnames, there have been speculations that they are married.

However, the TV couple has revealed that their onscreen chemistry did not extend to their real-life situations. While Cassi is married, LaVan is still single and is an eligible bachelor. 


Cassi and Lavan Davis appeared on “You & Me” where they gave updates about the beloved family show and some backstories. The two also clarified their marital status.

The hosts informed the stars that whenever their names were googled, most entries showed that the questions asked were about the duo being married to each other. 

Cassi took the floor to which she shared that she and LaVan would make a joint proclamation on that question. The pair spoke together, to which she uttered a “no,” while LaVan playfully said “maybe.”

This caused everyone to laugh as the hosts thought they wanted to keep the controversy going. Cassi objected to this, noting that she had a “wonderful sweetheart.”

In another of his interviews, LaVan once again confirmed that he was not married. When the host asked him if he was single, the actor said he was while adding that he had dated a few times. 



After confirming that she and LaVan were not an item, Cassi opened up about her love life in another interview. The “Madea” star made it known that she “jumped the broom” with the love of her life.

The 54-year-old star revealed details on her relationship, making it known that the man she married was her high school sweetheart. Cassi explained that they reconnected in 2007 and started dating again.

The couple kept up with each other and bonded through the years. Now that they are married, she made it known that it was a beautiful step. Cassi gushed about her high school love noting that every moment was lovely with him.


Cassi and LaVan have shared that when they worked separately on earlier film projects, TV icons Chip and Kim Fields thought they should work together. LaVan joked that he did not like Cassi when he first met her.

The hosts relayed that their TV chemistry was so impressive, and their last names have contributed to how people thought they were either related or married.

The pair have once featured on OWN TV behind the scene cut for “House of Payne,” where they opened up on what it was like working on the family sitcom. 

Cassi compared the show’s creator. Tyler Perry to a “big kid,” who made working on set look like being on a playground. She relayed that the award-winning actor brought out the kid in the actors and allowed them to have fun.

She, however, clarified that he was also about serious work, wanting everyone to know their lines accurately. LaVan shared that it was a blessing working with Perry. Cassi added that the movie maker was very creative.


Last month, many TV lovers took to their social media pages, showing their concerns about the absence of LaVan “Curtis” Davis on the new season of “House of Payne.”

Due to many concerns, the “House of Payne” fan page relayed that the actor was on “a barbecue tour” and would not be on the show anytime soon. However, there were no indications that LaVan had left the show. 

When season 10 premiered, fans noticed LaVan was present, but his absence was noticed on the third and fourth episodes titled “All Lumped Together” and “Back That Thang Up.” The fan page post shared that his admirers should be hopeful about his return. 

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