Hollywood Quick Hits: Will Smith, Kandi Burruss & More!

WILL SMITH REVEALS LEAD ACTOR IN ‘FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR’ REBOOT: Will Smith revealed the actor who will be taking on the role as the Fresh Prince on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air reboot.  Smith welcomed West Philaldephia’s Jabari Banks in a video posted to his Instagram Page. Smith shares footage from a Zoom call where he broke the news to Banks, where he said, “From the deepest parts of my heart, I wanna say congratulations to you. You have the role of Will on Bel -Air.”  The upcoming series has already been ordered for two seasons by Peacock. Universal and Westbrook Studios, which is a part of Will and Jada’s Westbrook Inc., will serve as the producers for the series.

KANDI BURRUSS REVEALS ‘SHE WANTED TO COMMIT SUICIDE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL: During her YouTube series Speak On It, Kandi Burruss reveals that she was suicidal in middle school. She said, “I understand depression and different things like that ’cause I dealt with stuff like that at a younger age. I had a bout in middle school where I actually wanted to commit suicide. But, praise The Lord, I wasn’t able to find my mom’s gun when I wanted to do it. So that did not happen, praise God. And I think as I got into high school is when I started finding myself, but then I also lost my brother in high school.” She continued, “So it was dealing with a bout of depression and pushing through, you get what I’m saying?… In anything that you’re doing, there is going to have to be a sense of–even when you don’t want to, when it doesn’t feel good, when you’re subconscious, when you’re just feeling emotionally out of it–a sense of  ‘In order to get to your end goals, you’re going to have to push through.’”

‘MARRIED TO MEDICINE LA’ STAR LIA DIAS SASYS HUSBAND PUSHED AND KICKED HER; HUSBAND FILES FOR DIVORCE: Married to Medicine LA star Lia Dias has filed for a temporary restraining order against her husband, Colin Sr. According to The Jasmine Brand, Dias reportedly filed and was granted a restraining order against her husband just days after he filed for divorce.  According to court documents, the CEO of Hype Hair Magazine claims Colin Sr. has been abusive throughout their marriage, citing both physical and verbal abuse. She also alleges that he pushed her to the ground and kicked her just this month.  She also claims that since Colin filed for divorce, he changed the locks to their home and she hasn’t been able to see her children. Meanwhile,  Colin Sr., who has also filed his own restraining order, has claimed that Dias is the one who ‘erratic and emotionally abusive.’ The couple shares two children together, and Colin Sr. is seeking joint physical custody.

SHAUN KING SHARES PROOF THAT HE HASN’T STOLEN MONEY FROM FAMILIES IMPACTED BY POLICE BRUTALITY: Shaun King took to Instagram to share a report from GoFundMe to prove that he hasn’t stolen money from families who were impacted by police brutality. GoFundMe said in a statement, “Mr. King requested his history on GoFundMe and provided all email accounts associated with any possible activity.” They added, “The scope of information requested is limited to activity on GoFundMe: Mr. King has not organized a fundraiser on GoFundMe. Mr. King has not been the beneficiary of a GoFundMe.  Mr. King has not withdrawn any funds on GoFundMe.” The statement concluded, “It’s worth noting that if a customer shares a fundraiser via social media, they do not have direct access to withdraw any funds on GoFundMe.” Shaun said, “I bet this won’t go viral. ?The truth never does. It should, but people prefer lies.?” He continued,“Today, after years of people lying and saying I was stealing money from GoFundMe’s for families impacted by 
police violence, the legal and safety team @GoFundMe released their official statement.  They searched 10+ years of history. ?They searched every email account I’ve ever had.? They searched every GoFundMe I’ve ever shared on social media.? And what they found is what I’ve said for YEARS, no family has ever even reported to them that I’ve done any such thing. ?It was a lie first made up by white supremacists.”

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