Here’s Why Jason Momoa’s Co-Star Isabela Merced Might Look Familiar

Multiple titles were set to debut on Netflix in August 2021 that people had been looking forward to. One of them was Sweet Girl, and Jason Momoa stars as the lead character. The movie dropped on Aug. 20, and fans of the actor got to see him in action. Those interested in Sweet Girl have noticed Momoa’s co-star Isabela Merced. In interviews, the two seem to have a good bond, so people may be curious about her — and they likely recognized Merced from a few other well-known works. 

A man takes on big pharma in ‘Sweet Girl’

Isabela Moner attends the photocall for Netflix’s ‘Let It Snow.’ | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Sweet Girl is an action thriller about a man named Ray Cooper who loses his wife. Devastated, Ray vows to seek justice against those responsible for his wife’s death. The guilty party is a pharmaceutical company that removed a drug from the market.

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