Dwayne Johnson Wasn’t the Only Wrestler in His Family

It has been a long time since anyone smelled what The Rock was cooking. After ending his wrestling career, Dwayne Johnson hung up his catchphrase and became a movie star. Although comedies are Johnson’s bread and butter, that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of getting serious. Just look at Gridiron Gang. He almost never became an actor or a wrestler, even though two of his family members were in the wrestling business. 

Dwayne Johnson wanted to play in the NFL

Dwayne Johnson | Getty Images

According to Biography, Dwayne wanted to be a football star. He played for the University of Miami, and according to people who know about these things, he was great. But being great is only half the battle. Success is often equal parts talent and luck, and luck wasn’t on Dwayne’s side. At least not when it came to football. 

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