Does Netflix Hint a Season 2 of On the Verge?

“On the Verge” is a comedy series created by Julie Delpy that tells the story of four friends chasing love and career fulfillment. The majority of the story takes place in Pre-Covid Los Angeles. Anne, Justine, Yasmin, and Ell have been friends since 2000, and the story follows them.

After around 20 years, each woman juggles children and other duties while also coping with a midlife crisis. The show earned largely positive reviews after its launch. Critics appreciated the show’s wit and performances of the main cast. So if you’ve already seen the first season and are curious whether the show will return for a second season, we’ve got you.

On the Verge Season 2 Release Date

The 1st season of Netflix’s “On the Verge” aired on 7 September 2021. It was divided into 12 episodes, each lasting 28-36 minutes. The first season of the show is also available on Canal+, a premium French television channel. However, neither Netflix management nor the show’s creator has made any public statements about the possibility of a second season of “On the Verge.”


The first season’s production was delayed by three months, and it was finally shot between August and November 2020. Despite extensive immunization, the impacts of the third wave are still being seen in the United States as of late summer 2021. Furthermore, there are already rumors of a fourth wave approach.

Even if the show is recommissioned, it may take some time for it to return to production. However, taking all of this into account, we can forecast that the 2nd season of On the Verge will premiere in the year 2023.

Who’s in the Cast of Season 2 of On the Verge?

Justine, a successful chef and aspiring author, is played by Julie Delpy in “On the Verge.” Sarah Jones will play the role of Yasmin, Alexia Landeau will play Ell, Elisabeth Shue will portray Anne, and Daphne Albert is all set to play Sarah.

The additional cast members are Timm Sharp, Christopher Convery, Giovanni Ribisi, Dhruv Uday Singh, and Jennifer E., Jayden Haynes-Starr, Duke Cutler, and Troy Garity. Play important parts as well. As a result, the majority of the cast is expected to return in the next second season.

What to Expect from Season 2 of On the Verge?

In the 1st season, Orion’s paintball event, which was planned for his birthday, does not proceed as planned. George panics when he learns that Anne intends to live independently and no longer rely on her mother for money, and he offers Anne his home, but she declines. Ell and her family begin to become well-known on social media.

Justine informs Martin that she is leaving him. A newscaster mentions COVID at the end of the season. Gretchen is expected to give birth to her child in the upcoming second season. Julie and her Argentine beau are considering moving in together.

Season 2 of How on the Verge

Without her mother’s financial support, Anne will struggle at first. Ell’s channel may grow viral, while Yasmin may reapply for a regular job. If the show is renewed, the pandemic will almost certainly play a major role in the following season. It will allow the show to go further into topics such as loneliness and sadness.

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