Director Evan Goldberg’s Brother Produced Nearly 1,000 Penis Drawings but Only a Handful Were Featured

When it comes to classic comedies, there are quite a few. Step Brothers, The Hangover, Bridesmaids, and Old School are just a few movies that audiences have grown to love over the past few years. Amongst the fan-favorites is, of course, Superbad. The movie has grown extremely popular since its 2007 premiere, and some fans might be surprised to learn the story behind the penis drawings that appeared in Superbad.  

‘Superbad’ is considered a ‘cult classic’

The ‘Superbad’ cast and crew | Jason Merritt/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Superbad was a huge success for many reasons. From the spot-on characters to their hysterical dialogue, the movie didn’t disappoint. Sources like CinemaBlend have gone as far as to dub the production a “cult classic.” 

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