3 Actors Who Played Guest Roles in Both Sitcoms

When it comes to American sitcoms, there are a couple that automatically comes to mind. Fans of Seinfeld and Friends may have realized that certain guests characters appear in both series. Over the course of both shows, they have had many notable actors from Bruce Willis, Bradd Pitt, Mariska Hargitay, and Marisa Tomei. Courteney Cox starred as Monica in Friends, but before landing her career-changing role, she made an appearance as Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriend for one episode. There are many Hollywood actors who had two vastly different guest roles in both Seinfeld and Friends.

Jon Favreau, Jennifer Coolidge, and Larry Hankin in ‘Friends’ and ‘Seinfeld’ | via NBC

Jennifer Coolidge in ‘The Masseuse’ in ‘Seinfeld’

Actor Jennifer Coolidge is recognized for her role as Jeanine Stifle in the American Pie franchise. She gained pop-culture fame as Paulette Bonafonté Parcelle in the Legally Blonde movie series. Coolidge first appeared in Seinfeld in “The Masseuse” in 1993. She played Jerry’s girlfriend, who refused to give him a massage. In an interview with GQ, Coolidge talks about her Seinfeld role, “I didn’t think I was very good at the table read, but after we finished, Julia Louis-Dreyfus came up to me and said, ‘You were amazing!’ I knew I sucked, but she was still really cool about it.”

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