11 Delicious Food Movies To Watch Now

I am the type of moviegoer who loves planning to dine out after a night at the movie theater, and chooses to save my appetite for when the credits roll. However, there are some films – such as Chef, for instance – that incorporate dining as an essential focal point to the story and might not be as suitable to watch on an empty stomach. Well, if you are not craving anything at the moment, you just might be by the time you are finished watching any of the following essential food movies that you can find now on streaming, rent digitally, or purchase on physical media, starting with one that, coincidentally, was first put into development under the original title Chef.

(Image credit: The Weinstein Company)

Burnt (2015)

An American celebrity chef (Bradley Cooper) attempts to turn a low-rated London restaurant into a high-class hot spot for fine dining in an attempt to redeem himself after his destructive tendencies place him at the bottom of the food chain.

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