Molly Ringwald: the iconic actress of the eighties who could have been Julia Roberts but preferred to walk away

Molly Ringwald is today one of the supporting actresses of the series Riverdale. It could have been Julia Roberts or Demi Moore, but at the height of her career the redhead decided to settle in Paris to enjoy the wonderful experience of being twenty years old and traveling without financial limitations. Many say that this break was worth the redhead the loss of a promising future in HollywoodHowever, every time she is asked about it, the 52-year-old actress says that no regrets.

The bob cut with bangs her characteristic red hair became in the eighties one of the looks most copied by teenage girls of the time. With only three films that were blockbusters, Molly Ringwald’s face was forever steeped in the retro memory of several generations.

The actress became famous with the movie Sixteen CandlesInstagram Molly Ringwald

Born in 1968 in California, the actress became a movie star in 1984 when she played Samantha Baker in the romantic comedy Sixteen candles. It was one of the first films of John Hughes, the director of the eighties recognized for his ability to convey the sensitivity, anguish and concerns of adolescents of the time and who was also the screenwriter of hits such as My poor little angelor. Molly’s character is that of a cute, attractive, but insecure girl: neither a nerd nor the most popular girl in school. That intermediate nuance was the key to success of the film as would later happen in subsequent Hughes works. With a budget of six million dollars, the film grossed more than 23 million along with a series of good reviews in which the performance of Ringwald was especially praised.

Hughes finished making her an icon of the time when he chose her again for star in The club of five (1985) and The girl in pink (1986). The first is considered a cult classic of all time. The story tells of the meeting between five outcasts of the school who are forced to stay in the library on a Saturday as punishment for different reasons. Molly plays a popular and millionaire girl who confesses that she feels self-conscious about her sexuality while the rest of her classmates -Emilio Estévez, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Anthony Michael Hall- exhibit other conflicts that are what end up twinning this group of strangers.

In 2017, in the context of Me Too, Ringwald published a column in the New Yorker where he questioned the sexist scenes in The Five Club.
In 2017, in the context of Me Too, Ringwald published a column in the New Yorker where he questioned the sexist scenes in The Five Club.Instagram Molly Ringwald

Fashion and personal style experts say pink is one of the least flattering colors for redheads. The aesthetic issue was of no importance when Ringwald was again summoned by Hughes for the film The Girl in Pink, where she returns to the role of a shy but brave young woman. The result was a fundraising success and was regarded as the best teen movie of the decade.

A few months after the premiere in 1986, the actress was magazine cover Time. It was the highest point of his career. Then he participated in a couple of more insignificant productions until, after reject the protagonists of Pretty Woman and GhostShe decided to move to Paris because she was tired of being the girl in the Hughes movie trilogy. In a 2016 CBS interview, Ringwald revealed that he moved to France to escape the Hollywood spotlight: “I didn’t really know why I wanted to leave, it was an instinctive decision. I had worked for a long time and I wanted to rest. It was time to do it. I had no children and I was not married. I do not regret it, today I am still very happy to be gone“.

Pretty in pink was the last film in the John Hughes trilogy.  It was considered the best in the genre for teenagers
Pretty in pink was the last film in the John Hughes trilogy. It was considered the best in the genre for teenagersInstagram Molly Ringwald

Although the actress renounced Hollywood privileges on her own initiative, she never stopped working in supporting roles in film and television. In 1999 she married a French writer named Valery Lameignere and they divorced in 2002. Attracted by literature, in 2007 she celebrated a new wedding with Panio Gainopoulos, another writer. At three years published his first memoir titled Getting the pretty back. With Panio they had three children: Matilda and twins Adele and Roman. In 2012, Ringwald edited another work of his, When It Happens to You: A Novel in Stories, which is a series of stories with an autobiographical nuance.

Interested in all artistic expressions, in 2013 the actress recorded a jazz album: Except sometimes. In the release statement, Molly explained the reasons for her work: “I had an early connection to this music because my father was into jazz. At the age of three I started singing in his band. Along with acting and writing, music is one of my three passions, jazz is the space where I feel comfortable, the place where I return when I want to feel at home “.

Molly never denied the films that made her famous in the eighties, but in 2017 she published a text in The New Yorker in which spoke out against The club of five: “After having watched the movie with my ten-year-old daughter, I realized that in some scenes there are sexist behaviors like when one of the characters looks under my skirt without my consent. An inappropriate and shocking situation. “The article came out in the context of the beginning of Me too. The artist was one of the actresses who disclosed their experiences of sexual harassment when the Weinstein case broke out.

Ringwald is very active on her Instagram account. One of the last news we had about her was a few months ago at the Super Bowl date where appeared in an advertisement for the brand Avocados from Mexico. In all the interviews they did about it, the actress assured that he loves avocados and that really that notice was made for her.