Millie Bobby Brown shows herself in public for the first time with her boyfriend

Millie Bobby Brown is shown in public for the first time with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi

The actress tends to keep her private life out of the public eye, which is why her appearance with Jon Bon Jovi’s son surprised everyone.

Millie Bobby Brown first appeared publicly alongside her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi. The images gave a lot to talk about, especially for her fans, as the actress is usually very reserved for this type of thing.

Who is your partner? This is the son of Jon Bon Jovi, who was affectionately seen holding hands on the streets of New York with the protagonist of Stranger Things. Aaww!

As the photos released by international media such as Page Six show, both were wearing masks while taking turns to carry Winnie, the actress’s brown dog. This was very comfortable inside the handbag.

As explained by the interpreter of “Enola Holmes” previously, her pet has helped her in her treatment for anxiety. On the other hand, it should be noted that Jake is the second of four children that musician Jon Bon Jovi has with Dorothea, his wife of more than 30 years.


The 19-year-old became more publicly known in 2018 when he staged a strike at his New Jersey high school to protest the government for its passivity on gun control. This is due to the shooting that occurred at the Parkland school.

Millie Bobby Brown and her return to the screen

For her part, the actress will return with the sequel to “Enola Holmes”, where Brown will once again play the young researcher and sister of the great Sherlock Holmes, a production that will once again have Henry Cavill giving life to the iconic character created by Arthur Conan Doyle . What a thrill!