Zenlove, an app to restore serenity to your relationship

Is there water in the gas in your relationship? “Love is not only a feeling, it is also an art. And like all the arts, inspiration is not enough, it also takes a lot of work ”, writes the Brazilian writer Paolo Coelho. Work and eyes riveted on your smartphone to save the furniture?

> Advantages

– Once the app has been downloaded by the two partners, they have access to guided programs, developed with the support of therapists and psychologists, to strengthen the emotional and relational foundations of their duo: bonds of trust, expression of l esteem for others, shared vision, communication and conflict management, sexuality or even daily life. The app also offers advice on how to get through difficult stages: doubts, infidelity, long-distance relationships… Nothing is forgotten to facilitate communication, tackle sensitive subjects and manage disputes.

– From their smartphone, everyone is asked to deliver their vision of the couple by progressively drawing up an “inventory” which goes through dozens of questionnaires. Both view their respective progress, compare their answers and can comment on them. Each stage is punctuated by short analyzes delivering as many tips and keys as the issues addressed. When a program is finished, everyone writes down in black and white the lessons they have learned and their resolutions. Readings and podcasts are suggested to go further.

– An “Experiences” section offers the couple practices, activities and experiments for two to get out of the routine, establish a better dialogue and strengthen their bond: relaxation by breathing, films to see together, an initiation slow sex, or a list of attentions expected of the other. This section also includes an accompaniment component, to find out where to follow couples therapy or an internship. The app admits its limits.

> Disadvantages

– The principle of this app, thought of as an interactive personal development guide, can be doubtful. First, because we can quickly do battle on certain already sensitive points, aggravating a tense situation. “What, you answered not at all at the question do you feel appreciated by your partner ? ! » Then, because it can be a bit idealistic to believe that completing MCQs will be enough to disentangle the intertwining of the human soul, which is more to the power of two.

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