well the extension of the minimum contribution of 10 thousand euros to all adv

Fulvio Avataneo

Aiav welcomes the decision of the tourism ministry that extended the minimum contribution of € 10,000 introduced by the Ministerial Decree of last August to all the companies that had joined the Mibact 2020 Lost Fund, aligning with pressing requests forwarded by the Association in recent weeks. In fact, in these hours, the payment of the balance has started to operators who in the 2020 call had obtained refreshments for a total of less than 10,000 euros.

The mobilization of Aiav against the inequalities and inequalities of the August Decree started on September 16 last through a letter addressed to Minister Garavaglia.

Fulvio Avataneo, president of Aiav he declares: «We are satisfied with the decision of the Ministry which has finally made concrete and tangible that sense of fairness and fairness that all travel agents are clamoring for. Despite the reluctance of some trade associations and some inappropriate attacks on social media, we have chosen to fight on the field for the good of all, especially the little ones: thousands of entrepreneurs, including many of our Associates, who have obtained contributions well below the threshold of 10,000 euros, up to limit cases of 1,500 euros! Without bombastic proclamations, without a square and without stages, Aiav demonstrates once again that the line of consistency with its principles of fairness pays off, also by virtue of the hundreds of agencies that have wanted to support our action ».

As can be read online, Aiav has submitted a double proposal aimed at avoiding any inequality of treatment: extending the minimum threshold of 10,000 euros to all agencies that have received a lower sum, paying the difference immediately, or to abolish the minimum threshold for the new questions relating to the August Decree. In the same communication, the association declared itself ready to lodge an appeal with the Regional Administrative Court against the Decree. Appeal which was officially launched following the publication of the implementation notice of 30 September, with the proxies of over 60 Members, and subsequently blocked following the start of the payment of the adjustments.