“We will celebrate my 80th birthday and my grandson’s 28”: two is better

PBecause it is necessary to lock everything that we had to celebrate, but that the available dates are scarce, the lifting of sanitary restrictions has been accompanied since the summer of a flowering of “two in one” parties. The invitations specify that we will be celebrating “The 50 years of the father and the 18 years of the son”, the cumulative 90 years of the mother and her daughter. Originally, generally, the generation that has trouble aging, sometimes embarrassed by a large figure to zero, thus believes in pooling the years, with the approval of the younger generation, starting because it has nothing against the pooling of costs.

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How do we recognize them?

The older generation says: “You can come with your children” when she invites; the younger generation says less often: “You can come with your parents. “ The young people take tents, the old ones from Airbnbs. The older ones feel legitimate when the younger ones play songs from the 1980s. They liked the photo on social networks “Your grandmothers wore mini skirts and smoked weed” and are convinced that their generation invented the codes of youth, even if the death of Charlie Watts set the record straight. When their children are not available, they convince themselves that they have warned them too late. The youngest know they will do it again “Something between friends”, the old people will not repeat a second party between old people. If someone says that “It’s really nice, intergenerational”, he is usually a guest of the older generation.

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How they talk

“We will celebrate my 80th birthday and my grandson’s 28th. “What time did you go to bed?” “” It’s been a year and a half since we last saw each other, the whole family was there. “Did your son have hair that color the last time?” »« It avoids the buffet at Lidl. “ “They don’t seem to me to smoke all tobacco. »« I forgot to tell you, Leo is now Lea. »« You leave us the rooms on the ground floor. “There were some great things to eat the next morning that wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for her mother’s birthday as well. “If you make a concept of it, it rots the reality of the thing.” “” My friend danced with his mother. Said like that, it sounds weird, but it was very good. “ “If we hadn’t organized it together, I wouldn’t have had the energy. »« I had not had a birthday with parents since CE2. “” I know why I haven’t celebrated my birthday with my family since I was 15. “” These are things that we did not experience with our parents. “” I had brought my guitar. A youngster borrowed it from me, I was super happy! ”

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