“We are ready. Let’s wait for someone to press the button “

Fabio Lazzerini, CEO of Ita

«We don’t want to be low cost“. This is the mantra that the CEO of Ita Fabio Lazzerini has been repeating for some time and that he reiterated in his speech at the ENAV congress. «The industrial plan that we have presented to our Parliament, and which we are defending tooth and nail in front of the European Commission, provides for long, short and medium range integration. This is in fact the hallmark of a company that does not want to be a low cost one “.

«We have developed 15 industrial plan scenarios in which we have included all the working parameters that we have defined with the European Commission. The interaction with the European Commission – continued Lazzerini – has always been constructive even if very difficult because different parameters of discontinuity are required with respect to the past. I believe, however, that we are really approaching the crucial point. The first industrial plan we made started on April 1st with the aim of intercepting the restart of the traffic we are seeing. As of today, I think we will be ready for the fall. We have mapped 2135 processes that we have to carry out in the 90 days after the ok to be operational: we know what we have to do, we know how to do it, we’re just waiting for someone to push the button to get us started ».

«We – said Lazzerini – are born as a traditional company that makes the service based on a hub, in our case Fiumicino and an important part of Linate, its fundamental strategy. The hub works by increasing long-haul flights in a manner consistent with short and medium-haul flights that can power long haul and vice versa. Let’s not neglect the long haul: one of the factors that contributed to the perennial crises of the flag carrier was a progressive divestment from the long haul. To make a business plan for a new company, it is necessary to look at what has happened both in Italy and abroad. We have found that all of Alitalia’s most important crises have resulted in a cut in intercontinental connections to preserve the ‘Milan-Rome’ “