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Hello travelers!

When we talk about Corsica, we often talk about Bonifacio, Propriano or even Old Port and yet there is a place, more unknown, which is the synthesis of everything we love in Corsica (magnificent hikes, top beaches, exceptional villages improbable coves) and this place is Cap Corse with Bastia, Saint Florent and Patrimonio for the front door!

Ready for departure to the Isle of Beauty? Let’s go !

Let’s lay the foundations, Cap Corse is a magnificent peninsula located in the north of the island, 37 km long and 10 km wide, and its inhabitants are called the Capcorsins. You will be able to admire Genoese towers, old mills, churches and hilltop villages or even trails in the maquis!

My favorite places in Cap Corse are (notably) the village ofErbalunga, Pino and Aliso Cove, Cape Olmeta and the Black Sea, the port of Macinaggio and the customs officers’ trails, hiking on le Monte Stello (the highest peak in Corsica).

My two big favorites remain Belts and its fishing port and Nonza and its famous black pebble beach. I tell you a little more.

Belts is one of the most beautiful villages in France; this fishing port is a bit like the ideal postcard of Corsica, these traditional houses which follow one another in narrow alleys, its multicolored boats, a sumptuous sunset on the small offshore islands. When you stay in Centuri, you have the impression that time stands still, sublime. and instagrammable.

Nonza and its black pebble beach is a must for a stay in Cap Corse. This fortified village is perched at the top of a cliff which gives directly on the sea and on a long black pebble beach! View ? Exceptional with a panorama on the Gulf of Saint Florent. A word of advice, the best spot to admire the landscape while sipping a local beer or a Corsican wine, is the bar / restaurant La Sassa, to do!

In Cap Corse, you can also swim in great beaches, and I give you 3 spots:

For those who like sand (and not pebbles), I advise you Pietacorbara beach which is located 40 minutes from Bastia on the east coast of Cape Corsica. This very large wild beach gives you a beautiful place in the sun overlooking the island of Elba.

For a smaller and more wild beach, direction Cagnano located just after le village de Porticciolo.

Renowned place, hurry up to Farinole beach, near Nonza, especially for water sports enthusiasts such as surfing! Rest assured, sun lovers, you can also enjoy the long stretch of fine sand in idleness mode.

To get there we recommend a flight from Paris to Bastia, and then rent a car at Bastia airport.

As you will have understood, Cap Corse is a magnificent place to be discovered urgently, a travel destination that is out of the ordinary, you will come back to the continent with memories in your head.