Tiktok Shopping on trial in US, Canadian and UK markets

The social network dedicated to videos announces that it will begin to deploy the TikTok Shopping offer via Shopify partner merchants in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The aim is to make it easier for brands to sell from the platform.


“TikTok Shopping will bring new features that will help Shopify merchants create organic and engaging content that will direct consumers to their online store upon checkout,” the Chinese social network said in a statement. “This will make it easy for users to explore and purchase the products they discover on TikTok.”

This announcement comes after a year full of twists and turns for the social network. The latter became during the pandemic the most downloaded application in the world in 2020, ahead of Facebook. Since its launch, the Tiktok app has seen more than three billion downloads, for 732 million monthly active users claimed last year.

But the Chinese application has also found itself at the heart of political battles. The Trump administration signed decrees in 2020 to ban downloads of the application, as well as its compatriot WeChat, in the United States. Invoking reasons related to data security. A ban on which the Biden administration returned in early June.

The stake was important, for Tiktok, the “social commerce” developing on social networks is now estimated, in the United States, at some 36 billion dollars, according to Emarketer, who also mentions the growing spending on social networks.

Overview of how Tiktok Shopping works

But like the American Twitch (Amazon), which has attracted the wrath of its users by imposing strict rules in terms of remuneration, Tiktok is not without making its teeth cringe among its “content producers “. To hope to be paid for its content, sometimes extremely worked, the network claims that a user has at least 10,000 subscribers and 100,000 views over the last 30 days. The remuneration is then calculated in a manner deemed opaque by the number of “influencers” in the network.

But Tiktok is nonetheless particularly well positioned to offer e-commerce live through its videos. A trend towards “teleshopping 3.0” which has imposed itself with force in China, the China Internet Network Information Center estimating that this practice brought together 388 million Chinese between March and December 2020. According to iiMedia Reseache, the live ecerce would weigh today hui $ 150 billion in sales in China, an increase of 121%.

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