Three webradios to rock baby long versions

This free music webradio for babies and toddlers is endless, pouring out its flood of nursery rhymes, songs, world music and lullabies including instrumental versions of the 1980s hit. Travel Travel, from Desireless, or from You Are the Sunshine of My Life, by Stevie Wonder. With the program “Radio Dodo”, it is in particular, from 7:30 pm to 7 am, the assurance of finding a 100% lullaby frequency. Outside of this window, the hardest to fall asleep should not resist for long these five hours of a medley of lullabies, and even less this “very long version” – no less than eight hours – of non-stop lullabies, reorchestrations of Mozart concertos, sonatas and serenades. Classic but still good.

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Among other benefits of a lullaby for babies, the site emphasizes that of developing their listening skills, their logic and their memorization, but also of promoting their concentration. In the eye of the white night cyclone, parents will remember above all that she is an ally in leading the child to the land of dreams. This non-stop web radio broadcasts exclusively lullabies, at all hours of the day and night. Over two hundred handpicked titles: orchestrations and musical arrangements “Are the softest possible to promote sleep and calm, but also to allow parents to hum them, if they wish”. Another advantage of the site, that to perfect the parent’s repertoire, in particular with covers of hits by Julien Doré, Angèle or Dua Lipa.

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Since its creation in 2011, in Berry, Radio Barbouillots (“little child” in Berry) has awakened “The ears of tomorrow”, those of 0-12 years old. An eclectic station dedicated to the youngest with a schedule of programs, like the adults, without advertising, and which favors French-speaking artists: nursery rhymes, jazz, French song, original film soundtracks or classical music. We will not fail to resume in chorus indelible refrains and catchy words, among which those of the Breaded fish, by Pascal Parisot: “At first they can’t even swim / You just have to watch them / They are not hydrodynamic enough / To lead an aquatic life. ” When it comes time for a siesta, The program “Dodo, les barbouillots” broadcasts, every day between 2 pm and 3 pm, titles for a time conducive to calm and, from 8 pm, “Bonne nuit, les barbouillots”, “Approved by the sandman”, plays lullabies until 10 p.m. The magic operates and the eyelids close. “Mamaaaaan, are you sleeping? “