Three journals to complete in complete privacy

My gratitude notebook

Why see the glass half empty when it is half full? It is on this premise that all the benefits of this gratitude journal to be adopted at the tip of the pen are based: it consists in cultivating a positive attitude, in gaining in optimism and in enthusiasm, by recording all the good in black and white. that we discount the day to come and that we think of it once completed. “Gratitude allows you to counteract all negative emotions, intensifying what works well in your life”, underlines the introduction. This « routine des six minutes » – it is the average time to be given to him each day – implies, in the morning, to start his day by designating what will make it wonderful, the object of his gratitude as well as a positive affirmation; in the evening, he comes back to draw up a balance sheet – positive it goes without saying: his good deed, the “Great things experienced” and what we expect the next day. “With this logbook, everything becomes possible! “, promises the incipit, which we will gladly take at our word.

My 6-minute notebook, by Dominik Spens (Editions Leduc, 296 pages, 19.90 euros).

Three years of memories

It is a notebook whose thickness is imposing. No less than 4 centimeters to contain the three years of positive thoughts, or 1,095 responses to the solicitations of this perpetual journal, to begin at any time of the year, and to be completed assiduously or more sporadically. This collection offers its official author to indulge in guided writing by inviting him to open it on the current date, under which he may have to answer a question, complete a list or describe a dream, a reflection or one of its qualities. On June 27, appears the sentence “If I really listened to myself, this is what I would do …”, eventually collecting three answers that could be identical or different. This ritual invites a more or less succinct time for reflection and never goes beyond five short lines of writing. Its objective is, over the years, to gauge the progress made through these versatile snapshots, or the immutability of its last confidence or inventory. Put end to end, these little nothings form a big whole biographical one, to remember or to meditate.

3 years of positive thinking. Journal to complete, by Laetitia Birbes (Marabout Editions, 368 pages, 12.90 euros).

Two is better

This book is to be completed as a duo, a privileged moment between mother and son, thought of as a “Fun one-on-one, just to tell each other (almost) everything”. On each page, the “mother” or “son” pictogram indicates who should respond or intervene. Tell about the romantic encounter with the “father”? It is the “mother” pictogram, just like this page where she must reveal her reaction to the advertisement. “That you were a boy”, the choice of his first name, and the characteristics he takes from one or the other of his parents. First intervention of the “son”: it is up to him to check if “Mum, you are a mother …” a little bossy, overprotective, a little distant, super accomplice or not very serious. In the following pages, each one shares what are, or have been, the games of his childhood, his favorite music or TV series, his ideal job, his loves or even his friendships, so many pretexts to prolong this experience in person. that we discover from the other, what we like about him, or what we challenge him to do. Whether or not to say “I idolize” instead of “I love”, or “yo” instead of “hello”? A moment of complicity in all simplicity.

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