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Great Tour

First there was the espresso, one morning, with the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, in a Parisian café, between exhaust pipes and plastic flowers. Then the gin, for lunch, on the terrace of a restaurant in Nevers (Nièvre). It was finally with a cocktail that Emmanuel Macron completed his tour of the terraces on May 21. In front of a horde of photographers and cameramen, the president toasted with Denis Thuriot, mayor (LRM) of Nevers and candidate for regional in Burgundy-Franche-Comté. To those who say that more should be done for the restaurant sector, Macron can at least answer that he gives of his person.

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Spritz final

The two men shared a spritz on the terrace of this bar in Nevers. Benevolent observers will undoubtedly see it as a consecration for this cocktail made from prosecco, seltzer water and Aperol. We prefer to see it as an indisputable sign that the most desirable summer drink of the past five years has had its day and is in the process of becoming obsolete. In truth, we should not push ourselves too much for us to bet on the return to favor of the mojito.

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Ballon d’or

Note in passing that all the spritzes in this photo are served in simple wine glasses, specifically red wine glasses. In order for the cocktail from Veneto to express all its richness, the flask of the glass used should be large enough to hold a large quantity of ice cubes, and at the same time the foot should be high enough to prevent the drink from falling. heats up in contact with the hand and glass. But it doesn’t really matter, since the main thing now is to serve mojitos in tumbler glasses.

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Adroite Signet Ring

If the attention here naturally focuses on Emmanuel Macron, it would be a shame to miss the so-called Thuriot, and his imposing signet ring worn on the ring finger of his right hand. Its location is probably not insignificant. Traditionally, in large families, it is on this finger, on this hand, that younger and younger men should wear their family jewel.

Mesh dimension

Since we are talking about charms, how can we not end with a question of scope: the two beautiful pieces displayed, obviously, by the waiter on his left wrist, mark the big comeback of the curb chain trend? And if so, should you rather opt for convict, coffee bean, figaro, Singapore, Venetian or palm tree chain links? At this stage, the palm tree mesh option particularly appeals to us. Especially since it would go perfectly with the mojito.

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