There are the wines that are talked about and those that we talk about

On the terrace, to reconnect with the conversation

We waited for it so much, we wanted it so much! Even with a little surplus of downpour in it, it made many hearts happy. What did it taste like, this wine of reopening the terraces? In the glass already, it had the flattering look, a shiny dress like an evening of December 31 and a fringe with festive reflections. On the nose, there was a scent of relief, aromas marked with satisfaction, with a note of “yay!” ” finally. And on the tongue, it revealed a lively spring freshness, enveloped in a smooth bliss and a decent length, albeit ending abruptly, a little before 9pm.

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And otherwise ? Frankly, do we really have a lot to do with it, to its liking? More prosaically, since when do we choose a glass of wine on the terrace of a typical bistro to judge its organoleptic qualities? Whether it smells of raspberry rather than cherry, blackcurrant bud rather than grapefruit, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that we ask of the wine drunk on the terrace is that it is not too bad.

Wine allows us to reconnect with this forgotten art of conversation, to remember how to get to know each other. We had lost control a bit in this area.

Besides, the bistrotiers are not mistaken. Unless they go to jaja enthusiasts, most are satisfied for the wines served by the glass with a generic term: “chardonnay” (from Chablis, from the Burgundy hills or from Languedoc, mystery, perhaps a little of the three. ); “Minervois” (from which domain, which vintage, obviously it doesn’t matter); rosé (from Provence, perhaps, if not from Loire, do not ask if there is an AOC behind). We choose and we drink. Hoping to have in the glass what we chose on the menu. If it is good, it is a happy surprise.

We like it because it is fresh or because it is fruity. Because it has an elegance that beer and cider don’t have. Because we have chauvinism nested in the “made in France”. Because we want, finally, to linger – the coffee must be drunk before it is cold while the wine needs time to aerate (that’s good, so do we) – and socialize: if it is is to have a herbal tea, you might as well stay at home.

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Finally, the wine on the terrace has a major role, it makes us speak. Anything other than him, of course. Alcohol is a powerful disinhibitor, it allows us to reconnect with this forgotten art of conversation, to remember how to get to know each other. We had lost our hand a bit in this area, so it grips the glass. If you really don’t know what to say, you can always comment on the wine. But that is the only valid reason.

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