The Village Vertbois wants to resuscitate the concept of the “Jeune Rue” in Paris

About a hundred people met on July 8 rue Vertbois, in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, for the launch of the Revue of the same name, an instrument to promote the new “Village Vertbois” project.

The Revue Vertbois promotes itself on the closed doorsteps of rue Vertbois – DR

For the occasion, the creators of La Serviette Paris, who run two shops in the district, hung their creations on the power lines as a sign of rallying. Sophie Fontanel, iPhone taped to her hand and vaccinated, hugged everything that moves and the spawning of vintage, Penelope Blanckaert, the former director of the Hermès Vintage & Fashion Arts department at Artcurial, today at the head of its own agency, she, with the team of Rupture & Associés – Thomas Erber, Alexandre Sap and Julien Grollemund – in charge of the communication of the “Village Vertbois”.

Designed by, the Revue Vertbois had to set the tone for the project, and featured in one of its first issue a colony of creators, designers, artists and writers, the plastic artist Thomas Lélu, the designer Matali Crasset, the creator de Kilometer Paris Alexandra Senes, the founder of APC Jean Touitou, the writer Arthur Dreyfus… all united to revive the old “Jeune Rue”.

Relaunched two years ago, after the huge fiasco of 2014 and the sending to prison of Cédric Naudon, the new project of a village concentrating art, design, fashion and gastronomy was restarted thanks to the initiative of the German real estate group Patrizia and its French subsidiary, which then promised “a major commercial revitalization, with more than 2,400 square meters of surface area divided into 34 shops”, relayed by the creation of a “People of Vertbois” platform supposed to bring together actors and creators .

La Serviette Paris – DR store

Certainly, a few pop-ups took place, a few famous names were present – Louis-Marie de Castelbajac, Annelise Michelson among others – but none of them prolonged the experience. Others, like the Two Eat Café, the Korean restaurant Ibaji or the concept store Ici, lowered the curtain altogether. “Bitter observation: the clientele was not there”. As for the “People of Vertbois” platform, boom et patatras, nobody cared about it.

Boosted by the arrival of large locomotives – such as APC and the Kitsuné coffee-roaster -, by the openings of the Rupture record store a year ago, of the artisanal concept-store Ambassade Excellence or of the Kilometer Paris boutique showcase. Alexandra Senes a few days ago – a concept of “magazine-store, she explains, where you can order hand-embroidered dresses between 750 and 3,000 euros” -, the Patrizia group and the Rupture agency promotion manager want to believe it.

“Our idea is to extract what was positive around the concept of the Jeune Rue, explains Thomas Erber, to refresh the neighborhood in a contemporary way, to bring together old and new to create a free neighborhood, without chain brands, without franchises, bringing together the talents and know-how of unique craftsmen and independent cultural entrepreneurs; in short, to be inspired by the Jeune Rue, and to do better, which is not very complicated in itself. “

“And this time,” adds a resident, “the project is credible, Patrizia Immobilier has broad shoulders, and has been in the boat for almost three years, without even pocketing any revenue.”

The Kilometer Paris boutique designed by Alexandra Senes – DR

Positive about the outcome of the project, the Rupture team is delighted with the new emulation of the district, the arrival of the pastry chef Conticini whose CBD cakes are the talk of all of Paris, the Tony & Guy brand, who ‘we thought dead, which will reopen next week or the Maison Morin hotel project to come … For the rest, nothing is less certain.

If the opening of the restaurant of Jean Imbert and Pharell Williams is expected, a delay in the works could complicate the communication of the event. Announced for October, the Rains brand, which already has its showroom in the district, denies the opening of a new store, preferring to focus on the Marais. A third of the planned shops (concerning the Patrizia Immobilier lots) have not started work, adding to the twenty or so desperately empty doorsteps in the neighborhood.

If the momentum is there, the village spirit is therefore not for tomorrow. “We remain frankly skeptical, explains a shopkeeper who has been living in rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth for five years. We have seen so many outlandish ideas pass that we no longer believe it. The new team sent us an email to unite them. good energies at a meeting at the end of July, but they didn’t even come to introduce themselves. It’s pretty disheartening. “

A bell shared by other merchants of Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth street who see in this new initiative “the organization of a small world of self-help, a project that is struggling to merge between the old and the new, between the streetwear, skate culture, art galleries, and the small world of luxury and art creation that wants to emerge on rue Vertbois. “

Hoping to be able to bring together traders during the next events at the start of the school year – Design Week from September 9 to 18, the Bal libre on September 18 and the Christmas market at the end of the year – the Rupture agency will certainly have to work. to convince everyone to unite. “Starting with a review of his magazine, concludes a regular in the neighborhood. Look, even the city guide supposed to advertise the neighborhood offers the best addresses 15 minutes from rue Vertbois …” Or the art of sabotage in style?

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