“The sector is one step away from collapse”

Sergio Boso writes to us among the administrators of the social group “Italian travel agencies union” which includes 1800 travel agencies, regarding the commented news of Minister Garavaglia who talks about campers. His analysis is very lucid and we decided to put it online because it makes us understand the tragedy of travel agencies from within.

Dear manager,

Minister Garavaglia thinks that “camperism” can compensate for the lost revenues of foreigners such as Russians, Brazilians, Arabs, Chinese and all the various ‘big spenders’, etc. or tourists who leave thousands of euros a day between hotels, restaurants, shops, guides, taxis, etc. Camperesti have another concept of traveling. And this is certainly not a sector that will be able to drive tourism.

To start over, Italy needs the high-spending tourist. In my opinion Garavaglia with these words from the election campaign demonstrates that he does not know the dynamics and the driving elements for tourism. Moreover, from March to today nothing concrete has been done in support of the adv, if not a wrong decree and badly redone that no one knows what happened to it.

On October 31st the layoffs ends, after the layoffs will begin. Who will be responsible for it? It will be a job killing. I believe that a tourism minister should protect organized tourism and intercede with other ministers to support it but I fear that this will not happen.

What should be made clear is that after a year and a half of non-work, the entrepreneurs cannot bring their employees back to heat the desks since they will not have produced for the period October March. In fact, for me it is unthinkable to make a turnover with Canada as a substitute for the Caribbean or South America, so without the reopening for international travel or the renewal of the cashier, layoffs are inevitable.

Organized tourism will need a lot of time (and therefore money) to reach acceptable numbers, moreover certain dynamics / habits have changed the way people travel and buy travel. We travel agents will have to accept the change

How many can afford another year like 2020 without aid and with uncertain sales? So can I invest in marketing, technologies to deal with post covid? Also, to and adv have on hand many vouchers to be redeemed by spring? How are we going to do it?

Bank moratoriums have ended from January, decreases in volume for 2 years will make cash credit lines disappear and many will suffer repayment requests (or debt restructuring).

The truth is that our sector is one step away from collapsing as it was already fragile before Covid broke out.

We keep telling ourselves that “everything will be fine” while there is a risk that “everything will go up for auction”.

Sergio Boso