The rope sandal, to get off to a good start

Deep, bohemian aspirations date back to the times when, by caravan, then by caravel, goods from the end of the world offered themselves as so many calls from new distances. Turbans, shawls, pajamas, sheepskin vests, Mexican shoes, peasant outfits thus stem from the same desire for geographical and temporal escape. Echoing Antiquity, rope sandals are part of this tradition and take advantage of modern means of expression.

At the origin of the phenomenon, two pioneering brands, turned towards ecology with a vegan tendency and created by nature lovers. Whether they come from Nicaragua or Virginia, these first polypropylene rope sandals, from an eco-responsible production, signed Nomadic State of Mind and Gurkees, are spotted by the concept store teams who will put them on the sites and in the windows of their stalls.

Global momentum in favor of the barefoot

Accessible to a small audience, they will climb the steps that lead a marginal and ordinary piece to the heights of fashion. Staged on social networks, they go wonderfully with a glass of white wine, a swimming pool with a view, a lime or terracotta wall, a promenade by the sea.

So many elements that serve to stage men and women with their faces golden by the sun, their bodies browned like caramel. Idlers, influencers, vacationers or all three at the same time, who crisscross the Mediterranean, stroll in the alleys and strike a pose.

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These images, most often, are accompanied by hashtags inviting the follower – who remains at the dock – to stay in touch with the essential: some fresh fruit, love and friends, not to mention mythical panoramas with worked framing. In short, a clever mix of artifice and authenticity, advertising and the desire to travel.

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The rope sandal therefore connects to the earth while opening up to the world. Despite its ties, it does not imprison the foot, does not condemn it to suffer in the name of principles from another time. A recurring piece in elegance since the Empire, the sandal also benefits from a global boost in favor of the sandal. Here again, faced with the climate emergency, superficiality and existential questions intersect or respond to each other. And so much the better, because it is about getting off on a good footing that we are talking about here.

Braided raffia sandals, Jonak, € 79.
Woven raffia crossed sandals, Vanessa Bruno, € 255.
Sandales en corde, Nomadic State of Mind, 65 €.
Stephanie sandals, in leather and rope, Miista, € 295.
Fendi Reflections men's sandals, in raffia, Fendi, € 650.
Jude men's sandals, leather and rope, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, € 495.