the right time to taste and learn

Chronic. For this third snack of “L’Epoque”, I went to look for the Child in his favorite territory: the park. That of Buttes-Chaumont, in the north-east of Paris. I meet two enthusiastic boys, busy playing badminton with rackets with holes that must be my age. I ask them what they ate for afternoon tea.

“Uh … well we haven’t eaten yet, it’s not time …”

Big timing error, it is only 3:45 p.m. I stay on my toes. Usually, what do they eat for a snack?

“Me, I eat cookies. My favorites are chocolate! Can I show them to you? And do you have any jewelry at home? “

The thread of this conversation is escaping me. I stay focused and ask them how their day went, they are in first grade.

“Well, we worked on French, on the sound“ GNE ”, like“ montaGNE ”… I sometimes confuse with“ GRE ”, like“ Gretagne ”…”

“Gretagne”… for “Brittany”?

” No ! “Gretagne” as “mountain”! “

Obviously. And if not, how is learning to read?

” It’s hard. But if we apply ourselves, we will succeed very quickly and we will perhaps be first in the class. And if we make mistakes the first week, it’s normal because we are learning!

– But when it’s over we talk? (famous child franchise)

– Soon, in two minutes. (famous adult lie)

– Also me, when I will be able to read completely, I would like to read manga, “Dyzzney”, funny stories, with little words not very long… Can I now show you my cookies? “

Children rarely lose sight of their goals. I leave my two friends to their chocolate shortbread (dark, organic and fair trade, we are in the 19e district of Paris). I come across others who are more pragmatic about the benefits of reading. Like those two almond-eyed little girls.

“When I was little, I didn’t even read the texts in the toy catalogs. And now I read everything to see if it’s good, if it doesn’t cost too much … Or to see if it’s not a scam! “

A scam? While I am internally surprised by this last answer, the argument continues.

“Yes, one day we went to a toy store. And I saw the robot dog and in fact they had made a trap for us: they had not written that at the beginning it would work and that afterwards it would not work any more… They had also not noted that at one point it did not work. would be more useful to children and that I now use it more. Even if sometimes I use it as a guard dog, sometimes it barks at passers-by… ”

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