The new cultural tourism tour operator Shiruq is born

It begins in Sudan and then winds its way sinuously along the African continent, sailing towards the Middle East and going up Balkan Europe. From an idea of ​​the entrepreneur Elena Valdata, the Milanese tour operator Shiruq was born, which aims to become the new reference point for outgoing cultural tourism. Today also owner of the Out of Italy brand for the incoming market, Elena Valdata boasts twenty years of experience in the management of a dmc in Sudan, the leading destination of the new to Milanese, and in niche outbound tourism.

Shiruq is the dawn, the beginning of a new day – explains Elena Valdata herself -. Rebirth and restart. The beginning of a journey, of a new adventure. With twenty years of experience in cultural tourism, we provide travelers with a deep knowledge of territories, peoples and cultures. Our philosophy places the traveler’s experience and his emotions at the center. Maximum attention to detail and attention to every need, before, during and after the trip. Small groups entrusted to professional guides, who will make the experience unique and all-encompassing. Our proposal, authentic and varied, is further enriched with tailor-made trips, possible in any corner of the world “.

The to launched its website on the occasion of the Ttg of Rimini and stated that in the coming days the platform will be populated with various itineraries. “With an operational office in Khartoum and three owned facilities, the Nubian Rest-House, the Meroe Lodge and the pre-set Tombos camp, we are the largest DMC in Sudan – reiterates Elena Valdata -. We specialize in cultural and archaeological tours, exhibitions, displays, conferences and business travel. We are also proud supporters of the NGO Friends of Sudan: an association that helps the local population in the implementation of projects related to education, health, culture and the environment, respecting the customs, values ​​and religion of the Sudanese population ”.