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August 26, 2021

When it comes to derivative products, musicians have flair. This is why many of them embark on the making of their own perfume. If the phenomenon was particularly widespread in the 2000s, it is back in force with Dolly Parton, Travis Scott and Ariana Grande.


After having conquered America with her country ballads, Dolly Parton’s mission is to conquer a new market: that of perfumery. The singer recently launched her first fragrance, Scent From Above, created in collaboration with the ScentBeauty brand.

It took two years to develop this fragrance, built around tangerine, peony flowers, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli. All in a pink bottle, topped with a crystal butterfly. “I hope you feel as blessed and as pretty as I do when you wear it,” said the country icon.

With Scent From Above, Dolly Parton follows in the footsteps of her friend, Elizabeth Taylor. The late actress was one of the first celebrities to take the cosmetics industry by storm. First with Passion, which met with mixed success when it was released in 1987. The consecration came four years later with White Diamond, whose floral touches have since generated more than $ 1.5 billion in revenue.

The country popesse could well experience the same success with Scent From Above. According to the American press, it would have sold faster than any other perfume offered on the Home Shopping Network during the last decade. It is again available on the site of the leading US home shopping for 59 dollars (around 50 euros).

To each musician his perfume

But competition is fierce in the market for perfumes concocted by musicians. Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams and Justin Bieber have all launched their own fragrances over the past two decades … with varying degrees of success. The reason? Their bad reputation. “If you have the money and, presumably, taste, you don’t buy them,” Chandler Burr had written of them in the New York Times.

Only one seems to deviate from the rule: Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears, whom the American journalist once described as “the perfect olfactory embodiment” of the pop star.

Although their market has been in decline for the past ten years, star fragrances continue to make a place for themselves on the perfume shelves. Last year, Travis Scott partnered with Byredo for his first fragrance, Space Rage. An elixir inspired by space at a rather lunar price … Count 95 dollars for the version in the form of a candle (81 euros) and 290 dollars for the 100 ml bottle (247 euros).

Ariana Grande has been more reasonable with her latest and seventh fragrance, God Is a Woman. A name that his fans know well since it refers to the tube of the same name, released in 2018 on the album “Sweetener”. They will have to spend between 55 and 65 dollars (between 47 and 55 euros) to acquire a bottle of this natural and “cruelty-free” fragrance (not tested on animals, note) with notes of musky ambrette and juicy pear.

While some noses may find these prices exorbitant, they don’t deter fans from getting their purses. This does not surprise Chandler Burr. “Perfume is an affordable entity of a star,” he told BBC News. “Assuming that the celebrity really participated in its creation, a perfume allows you to identify viscerally and intimately with this star. It is, in a way, to meet her.”

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