the loyalty program is renewed with additional levels and benefits for members

Italo Più, the loyalty program of the railway operator, is renewed with the addition of new levels in addition to those already present Base e Privilege, to allow customers to reach the reserved benefits faster. Yes vin fact, it elocates the obtaining of loyalty points to achieve free award tickets, which can be requested with only 1.000 points. The exclusive benefits are also growing associated with the old and new levels, like the free access to Fast Track Italo at the station (for faster access to your train), free environment upgrades, entrances to the Italo Club Lounges (to wait for the arrival of your train with all the necessary comforts such as wi-fi, drinks, snack, newspapers).

The new level Premium that can be reached with only 1.000 points and will guarantee athe travelers immediately 2 free admissions to the Italo Fast track at the station, a bonus 5% extra of points for your travels e 2 free room upgrades on board the train.

Upon obtaining 6,000 points, you advance to the level Privilege, an exclusive level already present that guarantees Fast Track access, access to the Lounge and Room Upgrades as well as an extra bonus of 10% points for each trip so as to accelerate the achievement of free award tickets.

Further Announcements And the introduction ofl level Platinum, the most exclusive, designed for the travelers which reach i 15.000 points. I clients Platinum they will have such benefits free access unlimited at Fast track, free upgrades on board the train unlimited, free admissions to the lounges unlimited, as well as a 20% extra bonus of points for their travels and one 10% discount when purchasing(for travel in Club and Prima in Flex fare).

The new loyalty program is also designed for companies, thanks to the numerous corporate agreements that Italo enters into with large Italian companies.