the idea was born to promote the Marecchia and Conca valleys and Rimini

Silvano Poltronieri

The portal is born , a project co-financed by the European Union for the promotion of “Health Traveler” to support local development promoted by Gal Valli Marecchia and Conca.
The guide of this new entity, whose action aims to help position and increase the notoriety of the territory and of the agri-food, historical-cultural, naturalistic, landscape and tourist excellence of the two Valleys, at a regional, national and international level, is been entrusted to Silvano Poltronieri, a thirty-year career in the tourism world, which will now engage in this new adventure together with Donatella Finelli, event manager, Alessia Uccellini, chef, Anya Bracci, marketing and comunication.
“Our intent is to create a union between the 10 municipalities of Valmarecchia and 10 of Valconca to achieve the goal thanks to co-marketing and co-branding actions to be developed with local operators, through the promotion of their products and / or services that identify the territory itself with the brand “Health Traveler”, Through unusual itineraries, aimed at enhancing the excellence of the two valleys – he explains Poltronieri – territories which include among others Pennabilli, S.Agata Feltria, San Leo, Montefiore Conca, Montegridolfo, Coriano, finally reunited to give shape to an articulated tourism project ».

Green & Antique proposes to create a product of large capacity by relying on individually limited receptivity, but large if considered as a whole, on the territory, for a widespread hospitality on various structures that propose the destination with the aim of giving a positive impact on the other productive activities concerned and connected.

Val Marecchia

“We want to expand the concept of a single structure to unite more widespread entities of the territory – he specifies Poltronieri – to improve economic performance and raise the quality level, relying on a wider showcase of visitors. It is also important to focus on the excellence of local products, to then combine everything thanks to a series of events to promote the area of ​​interest ».

The project involves the organization of themed events with set-up at identified locations or the offices of agricultural and artisanal structures and producers.
The proposals range from classic events, cocktails, concerts, business meetings, overnight stays and weddings in historic homes, wine tours, historical cooking courses, painting and textile exhibitions, depending on the type of structure hosting the event itself, themed days on vines and much more.

“The enhancement of the territorial brand”Health Traveler“Is the first step towards the establishment of a district, already recognized for oil, wine, wheat, ancient wheat flours and the receptivity given by B & Bs, Agritourisms, Holiday Homes, Country Houses – concludes Poltronieri – on the already tested and consolidated model of other cohesive Italian geographical realities (Val ‘D’Orcia, Chianti, Langhe just to name a few).

Val Conca

This identity will give the possibility to expand the offer from the receptive point of view, making it interesting for organized tourism thanks to the proposal of packages that include both hospitality and production companies, thus involving an alternative sales channel, in order to create an offer “widespread “on the territory“. The ambition of the project is to achieve the seasonal adjustment of the territorial proposal and the creation of customer interest and loyalty for the territory, and consequently, for the accommodation and production facilities ».
Green & Antique it is proposed as an aggregating center of all the accommodation, food and wine and production resources of the territory to spread the “Product” of the Valleys in a structured way.