the highlights along the way

Advertising: Contribution in cooperation with the four Lucerne rural regions

Loop after loop, route “399” meanders through the branched valleys of the Nap region, living up to its name. On our second bike tour this year we followed the heart loops Napf and Seetal and cycled in three day stages over the most beautiful hills of the four Lucerne regions from the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch to Lenzburg in the Seetal. Beautiful panoramas, defiant palaces and fortresses, charming courtyard taverns and idyllic villages – the “Lucerne KulTour” has numerous highlights to offer! In this post, I’ll show you which ones you can look forward to in particular.

From Escholzmatt to Lenzburg – Discover the Lucerne rural regions by bike

Around 168 kilometers and 3’700 vertical meters – these are the key data of the “Lucerne KulTour”. Thanks to the e-bike, the panoramic route can be enjoyed despite the route guidance that only varies between “very hilly” and “super hilly”. Or better said: Without the many meters in altitude, the loopy bike tour would be poorer in terms of some beautiful views and rapid descents. We have divided the route into three stages. Starting in Escholzmatt in the middle of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch, we followed the hills of the Entlebuch for around 30 kilometers to Romoos on the first day of the Napf Heart Loop (route no. 399).

On the second day, the “king’s stage” took us 80 kilometers over the Menzberg to the Willisau region and from there on to Lake Sempach. The remaining 60 kilometers of the third stage largely follow the Seetal heart loop (east branch, route no. 599) and offer a completely different landscape. The following map shows you the route of the «Lucerne KulTour» as well as the sights along the way in detail.

«Lucerne KulTour»: These 9 highlights await you on the way

When routing the heart loops, the focus is on scenic routes. With the “joining” of two particularly promising daily heart loop stages (Heart Loop Napf Entlebuch – Willisau and Heart Loop Seetal Ostast) and an entertaining connection piece on Heart Route 99, we have picked out a real “fillet”. The “Lucerne KulTour” follows the route signaling of the heart loop / heart route loop after loop right into the heart of the Lucerne rural regions. The following nine highlights await you at the edge of the route.

1. Goldrausch at the Grossen Fontanne

After almost 30 kilometers the Route 399 Pedaling along the ridges of the Entlebuch, the charcoal burner village of Romoos appears in front of us. In and around Romoos not only the tradition of charcoal burning is continued to this day, but also diligently gold mined. The former Postbus chauffeur Gsto Unterstährer played a key role in shaping the “gold rush” on the Napf and offers guided half-day gold panning tours. Not only are you guaranteed a sense of achievement (yes, I actually dug a fine, glittering piece of gold myself), but you also learn all sorts of other exciting things about the branching river system at the Napf. And when you trudge through the Grosse Fontanne with rubber boots and a shovel equipped with Gsto, there is also a touch of adventure spirit. “That’s why it’s called the Napfgolderlebnis”, says Gsto with a laugh when I ask him about it.