the good tips to get rid of it!

What is the correct age to part with the pacifier? What are the right techniques? How can we help our children say goodbye to their favorite pacifier? Should we use them the hard way and simply do away with it? We leave the floor to our readers …

Children who do not have pacifiers are often considered to be heading for the thumb, which is often more difficult to stop (see your testimonials on the pros and cons of the pacifier compared to the thumb). But how do you get rid of the lollipop next?

At what age should the pacifier be stopped?

Our “expert” told us about a window between 2 and 3 months for pacifier weaning, which some of the participants used.

For others, stopping the sussu occurs later, around the beginning of speech (18 months-2 years) or even around the start of school (3 years). Still others no longer offer it during the day, but the pacifier remains an element of comfort at bedtime!

“My daughter had one up to 3 months old. The day I had to get up 5 times to give it back, I chose to quit. I replaced the pacifier with a blanket that smelled like me. She cried a little and in a day and a night she had forgotten it. “

“For my two, we took the pacifier off at 3 months. For the oldest, in two nights it was over, and it took a few more days for the second. “

But if we let this pacifier weaning window pass, all is not lost!

Pacifier withdrawal: some children abandon it on their own!

“Our second broke up on his own. One morning, he got up, and threw it himself in the trash, around 4 years old. “

“My son quit on his own at 2 years and 2 months. He was addicted 😉. “

“In my family, they say that a child stops the pacifier on its own overnight. Better not to force it. Even if it happens at 6 years old. “

Even if they will abandon it one day on their own, it may be necessary for some to be patient: “Personally, I had it until the age of 9 to fall asleep at night. “

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Suggest that the child give the pacifier to “Santa Claus” or the lollipop fairy

To avoid waiting too long for them to make up their minds, some parents use Santa Claus to encourage their children to get rid of him. And it works ! Afterwards, others choose the lollipop fairy, or even voluntary cutting!

This technique is used for many as an incentive: the child is an actor in his gesture, which makes separation easier.

“We suggested several months in advance to my 1st to give it to Santa Claus. The idea is that Santa Claus collects pacifiers and he would be happy to have his own. Suddenly, he would give him a great gift to thank him. We would talk to him about it from time to time while giving him the freedom to decide when the time came whether he was going to give it or not. Two days before Christmas, we meet a Santa Claus and he gave her his pacifier all by himself. He asked us for it again the next two evenings, without much conviction. This is where you have to know how to resist! 😉

“4 years old, he was told that since he was older, he could give it to Santa Claus. What he did. “

“Around his 3½ years old, my husband presented him with the idea of ​​giving it to Santa Claus. On December 24, he got up from his bed to put his pacifier in his slippers. It was over! “

“Our first gave it to Santa Claus for his 5th birthday. The year before, it had been a failure. “

“We too, when she was barely 3 years old, had submitted the idea of ​​Santa Claus, but without forcing it either. In the end she didn’t give it to him, and the month after she threw it in the trash, saying that she thought it was better, because the princesses didn’t have a pacifier and voila !!! “

“My second did not want to leave her at the foot of the tree on the evening of the 24th, we accepted it. Eventually she gave it to Eeyore at Disneyland. “

“My Miss said goodbye to her lollipop in exchange for the Frozen Dress. Thanks Elsa! “

“We told our grown-up that when he was ready he could take the scissors and cut them! Which he did diligently. He asked for it again in the evening but there was no more in the house because I had gone around to check that there would not be any left! “

However, this does not work for everyone: “We had tried the donation to baby animals at the zoo and at Santa Claus without success. “

Pacifier weaning: some parents choose to impose (but it is not always easy to manage)

Some parents prefer the soft method, convinced that their child will not go to college with 😉. Others are worried about the implantation of teeth, the need for sucking, the secretion of saliva… Admittedly, the medical and educational bodies do not really speak in unison on the subject. And that everyone does their best based on the benefit-harm ratio. Because let’s face it, getting up 10 times to give the pacifier to our beloved baby can become a real pain! Some parents therefore decide when to wean after several unsuccessful attempts.

“When they were 3 years old, we told them to put their pacifiers at the foot of the tree for the children who have no money to have them… On the other hand, I am not hiding from you that the following week did not was not easy to make them fall asleep. It took a while and we held on. We had to sit next to them to reassure and pamper them. But it is over. We congratulated them a lot on their efforts. ”

“At two and a half years old, the ‘pacifier fairy’ came home to collect all the pacifiers and left her a small gift. It was tough for about 2 weeks, where the sunsets took 1 to 2 hours longer than usual. She needed our presence to fall asleep… And then she never spoke about it again. Won! “

“I retired at 3 years old with some difficulties which were resolved in less than a week. We bought a great humorous book called “Nina’s Pacifier”. “

Last solution that works: jump at the chance of a loss, or a breakage!

“My son threw his pacifier in the trash himself because he had damaged it. He was 3 years old. He failed to take a nap in the afternoon. And in the evening, he had more trouble falling asleep. But we held on and at the end of the week, he no longer wanted her. “

“My daughter, totally addicted to the pacifier, deleted it overnight when she was 4 because… the doctor asked her because of a wound she had made. Simple, effective, but expensive 😉 (350 euros for dental costs). ”

“For my first daughter, it was with ease (to my surprise), she damaged it by chewing. I made her understand that if she started over with the new pacifier, she would throw it away on her own and there wouldn’t be any more. What has been done… No difficulty, it’s incredible. “

“Here, after long discussions and an attempt to donate to Santa last year, we finally lost her on the train this summer. Almost four and a half years old. Not easy the first few nights, but in the end it was. “

So, are we done with the pacifier?

So how do you get rid of the pacifier? It is a question of the temperament of the children and the parents, and of the circumstances: to encourage his child to abandon him, or to wait for him to do it on his own, to propose subterfuge, or elements of logic (it is broken , there is none left). For parents who do not want to wait, it is also possible to make it disappear. It will be necessary to be strong and comforting during 2 days (and 2 nights)… or 2 weeks.

Courage and hold on! He will not pass his baccalaureate with 😉!