the funds for tourism in the budget law are good, but more is needed

The resources potentially made available over the next three to four years by the two new funds amount to almost 500 million euros dedicated to tourism and included in the draft of the budget law approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers. This is the single national tourism fund current account, with an endowment of 90 million euros for 2022, 120 million for 2023 and 40 million for 2024, as well as single national fund for capital account tourism, with a provision of 30 million for 2022, 100 million for 2023 and 50 million for each of the years 2024 and 2025. The idea is that they will serve the adoption of safeguard measures for economic operators in the sector and to promotion of tourism development policies. Also allocated 6 billion a year for three years, for the implementation of interventions dedicated to the tourist accessibility of people with disabilities.

The two funds for tourism in the budget law are doing well – is the hot comment of the president of the Federation of organized tourism (Confcommercio), Franco Gattinoni – It is important to have foreseen targeted measures to protect the companies in the sector that cannot work, avoiding lavish donations. However, the resources for the current part are not sufficient and must certainly be integrated”.

Two words then also on Alitalia voucher fund (modified by the same draft of the Financial Statements, ed): “It should be used immediately to help companies that, in a very difficult situation, have blocked resources with the former national airline from March 2020 – observes Gattinoni -. Compared to the shock absorbers theme, however, we ask for an additional 12 weeks of Cig-Covid to arrive at least next March 31st. Therefore, the tax decree that covers up to 31 December of this year must be amended or, alternatively, it is possible to intervene in the maneuver. It is a vital measure, given that tour operators and travel agencies are in fact unable to operate. One would then be useful extension of the rental tax credit stopped in July 2021, with the possibility of transferring the same, until June 30, 2022 “.