The founders of Caval launch a new brand of vegan sneakers, MoEa

MoEa is a brand new French brand of sneakers made from fruits and plants. These bio-based sneakers, which are adorned according to the models with apple fibers, grape fibers, pineapple fibers, cactus fibers or corn, are available for pre-orders at 89 euros on the Kickstarter platform (i.e. 31% less expensive than the final price of the pairs). This first crowdfunding campaign, which has already exceeded its target, will end on August 2. A second will then start on Indiegogo.

MoEa sneakers made from pineapple fibers

Last MoEa, we find insiders, Achille Gazagnes, Benoit Habfast and Simon de Swarte, already the origin of Caval, another sneaker brand which is today distributed via its website, department stores and concept stores such as The Exception.

“MoEa was born from our experience with Caval since we have already proposed a vegan model. But Caval, with its mismatched shoes, already has a strong and divisive concept, with a core target attached to leather shoes”, indicates Achille Gazagnes. To avoid the mix of genres, the trio preferred to launch a new entirely vegan brand.

“There are now a myriad of companies looking for substitutes for leather, a bit like the food industry is offering more and more vegetarian products. This research is done primarily for environmental reasons because the leather industry emits CO² and then for the protection of animal life. And in addition, these plant materials sometimes give utility to materials that were not used “, explains Achille Gazagnes, who points out that the production of MoEa shoes would be 89% less emitting carbon than that of leather shoes.

In terms of silhouette, the shoes signed MoEa have a streetwear and a color code echoing the fruit with which they were made.

For its launch, in addition to crowdfunding, MoEa received aid of 30,000 euros from Bpifrance intended for innovative fashion brands. And if with Caval, 95% of sales are made in France, MoEa should reach a more international clientele, like the participants in the Kickstarter campaign.

The two labels MoEa and Caval will be present in September at the Who’s Next show and the MoEa merchant site should be launched in October.

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