the commitment that emerged from “Italy Goes Green”

Improvement of internal processes through different actions such asenergy efficiency, implementation of separate waste collection and the further promotion of a sustainable culture for travelers and employees, attention to ‘Climate Change’ with the constant evaluation of the positive and negative impacts on all activities, intermodality support with expansion of its network and agreements on the territory. These are the central themes brought to the fore by Italo on the occasion of “Italy Goes Green”The event organized in recent days by Vodafone Italy, Officine Italy e Politecnico di Milano, with the support of Anci e ASviS, in the context of All4Climate Italy 2021 – the initiative launched by Ministry for Ecological Transition.

“Italo works every day for a sustainable future – he comments Fabio Sgroi, Health & Safety director of the railway company (pictured) -. Confronting young students was interesting and constructive. To bear our testimony, showing how much we actively do is certainly a satisfaction. L‘entire Italo fleet is in fact built with 98% recyclable material, compared to other High Speed ​​trains we are able to reduce energy consumption by 10% and only 1% of the carbon dioxide emitted by our activities does not derive from the consumption of electricity ”.

After having identified all the challenges, a main challenge was then selected, that is the most relevant to be explored and faced with a transformative question that can stimulate the reflections and discussions of politicians and decision-makers gathered in Glasgow for COP26, directing them towards concrete and achievable solutions.

Regarding the topic “Mobility and Infrastructures” the transformative demand formulated focused on what can be done, concretely, to readjust infrastructures and services, in urban and extra-urban areas, so that shared mobility, whose advantages on the environmental impact are well known, become accessible to all, everywhere and more integrated, in order to allow more sustainable, comfortable and economical journeys.