The campaign of School Sports Clubs #WracamyDoFormy has started! – Anna Lewandowska

Sport has been with me since I was a child. He taught me a lot and it was on his foundations that I built my professional life. Invariably, it has remained one of my greatest passions and a way to stay in good physical and mental condition. I believe that shaping the habit of regular physical activity among children gives the best results, which is why I was pleased to become the ambassador of the SKS program “Getting back into shape”. A week ago, at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, I met with children who take part in the School Sports Club and conducted a training for them. It was a great meeting!

Below you will find a short photo report of this event. There was no shortage energy, smile and enthusiasm for exercise. The SKS program is a chance for children and young people to learn about various sports disciplines and motivate them to move regularly. It started already in 2017, and each year it is available in all poviats and over 90% of our country’s municipalities. The scale of the project is huge, thanks to SKS, over 300,000 children and adolescents from all over Poland participate in physical activities.

Sports activities strengthen relationships between peers, show that movement is also great fun, in which everyone can participate. The School Sports Club is aimed at primary and secondary school students. As part of SKS, children and adolescents can take part in additional, extracurricular sports activities twice a week.




Data on the physical activity of children and adolescents, covering the period of the pandemic, are very worrying. The results showed that the activity of this age group decreased by as much as 33% compared to the period before the pandemic. The average daily physical activity time of 84 minutes before the pandemic has dropped to just 53 minutes! This is a clear signal that you need to act, which is why do SKS campaign: “We’re back in shape!” many great athletes joined (including the Olympic Champions). These are i.a. Aleksandra Mirosław, Natalia Kaczmarek, Joanna Jóźwik, Kamila Żuk, Emilia Ankiewicz, Roksana Słupek, Natalia Maliszewska, or my husband Robert Lewandowski 🙂 The idea behind the campaign is to promote physical activity and counteract the harmful effects of the pandemic, which forced children to stay at home, had a negative impact on their condition, fitness and mental health. The campaign started already during the summer holidays, currently its second part is connected with the return of children and youth to school.

Interestingly, as the report shows “Physical activity and nutrition of children during a pandemic” the most common reasons for inactivity were: too many activities, lack of interest in sports and … lack of motivation. The action “We’re getting back into shape!” can effectively remedy this and encourage interesting forms of movement. From the parents’ perspective, it is clear that children replaced time outdoors and in sports – sometimes in front of the computer.

Director of the Institute of Sport Urszula Włodarczyk points to the results of research carried out by Sport Institute – National Research Institutewhich talk about the tendency of increasing body weight of children and adolescents, which is, in a way, a consequence of the limitations resulting from the pandemic. Physical activity, she says, can help reverse this trend, and any possibility of exercise is now “worth its weight in gold.”


Do you motivate and encourage the youngest to move? I strongly urge you to do so. There are many forms of activity, everyone will find something for themselves. Let us be an example for our children that there is a healthy mind in a healthy body! 🙂