Texworld Evolution: 700 visitors for the second Parisian showroom

After bringing together 500 buyers in March and generating 3,235 requests for samples and ordering, the Texworld Evolution Showroom brought together 700 buyers this time from July 5 to 9, confirming for Messe Frankfurt the relevance of a format to be adopted. its place at the Texworld Evolution trade fair itself, the next edition of which will be held in February 2022.

Texworld Evolution

It took a month to select the approximately 7,000 samples of materials and finished products which this time made up the offer which took place in two neighboring places: the Atelier Richelieu (60 rue de Richelieu, Paris IIe) and the space ” 5 Rue du Mail “. Two heavily vegetated spaces for the occasion, and where a number of butterflies had been released. Poetic snub to a gloomy Parisian summer and the heaviness of health news.

Arriving by appointment, to ensure a regular and controlled flow of visitors, buyers could be individually accompanied by a member of the Messe Frankfurt France team to obtain assistance and advice. The organizer is pleased to have totaled for this edition an increase of around 40% in requests for samples and ordering, brought to some 4,500.

A success which demonstrates, for the organizer, the relevance of this crisis mechanism. A device that has enabled some 150 companies, mainly Chinese and Asian, to offer physical contact with materials from fall-winter 2022/23 remotely. Visitors, for their part, benefited from a condensed selection, the format of which should eventually be used at the major Texworld Evolution trade shows at Le Bourget.

“This will be useful and necessary, because such a format makes it possible to attract categories of buyers that we do not necessarily attract at Le Bourget, with in particular more designers and high-end buyers”, explains to FashionNetwork.com the president from Messe Frankfurt France, Frédéric Bougeard. “The results show that this approach corresponds to needs and expectations. As well as our ability to adapt to circumstances. Because we are not trade show organizers: we are solution providers”.

Texworld Evolution

Messe Frankfurt had announced early on that it would not hold the plenary edition expected in July. Just as he announced recently not to plan an edition for next September. The German organizer has a policy of deciding three months in advance. With three main criteria: administrative authorizations, travel possibilities (50% of participants are foreigners) and health rules.

“With what we can expect for a few days on the Delta, our decisions were the right ones”, affirms Frédéric Bourgeard, who nevertheless points to the impatience of the professionals to resume meetings in person. And especially in China, where the main battalion of exhibitors at the show resides.

Texworld Evolution

“Our Chinese partners have resumed their activity since last summer, with almost normal conditions at the national level”, underlines the leader. “But they all want to return to export, and especially in Europe, which is their first platform”. Conditions which, for Frédéric Bougeard, and barring a health relapse, promise Texworld Evolution a rapid return to its pre-crisis levels from February 2022.

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