Sweet Pants is preparing a new operational model for the start of the school year

Benjamin Kalfon concedes it with a smile: the period of confinement linked to the Covid-19 crisis has hardly affected the activity of Sweet Pants: “We were very scared at the beginning, admits the co-founder with Jacky Attal, Emma Levy and Deborah Levy of the brand which for almost 10 years has offered a premium version of the sweatshirt and fleece jogging. When everything was at a standstill the first days of containment in 2020, we really thought it would be complicated. has restarted and internet sales have taken off. We were lucky to have the product of the confinement “.

Sweet Pants works on many lines and collaborations. In order to promote them, the brand is reviewing its pace of marketing – Sweetpants

And since consumers’ appetite for comfortable products is unabated, Sweet Pants, which has positioned itself in this universe by bringing a fashion touch, has seen its sales continue to grow. So much so that the brand should cross the 20 million euros turnover mark this year, including 6 million euros in digital.

The fact remains that for the brand, which remains independent, the crisis has nevertheless changed the situation. “We have 14 points of sale, 12 of which are our own. Previously, we had a very important opening plan. But with digital, via Instagram, we are building the relationship with our client. And the store becomes a place of discovery of our universe. , explains Benjamin Kalfon. At present I think that we have a potential of 25 to 30 stores in France with opportunities in big cities like Lyon, Lille or Bordeaux where we are not yet present “.

Silhouette Activewear – Sweetpants

Beyond the physical network, the period allowed the founders to review their strategy. “We are changing everything, announces Benjamin Kalfon. Until then we had logistics alongside our premises. Now we trust a partner, NC Logistics. This is a major change for us which should allow us to continue our growth. between store and digital. We are also reviewing the pace of introduction to stores. We are going to have a back-end offer that will represent 50% of the proposition and work with a drop each month that will keep the store alive and encourage the customer to come back. These proposals, with the lines and collaborations, will represent half of the offer “.

Because if the brand had launched on fleece pants, it has since explored many product categories. In recent months it has even made two key launches. Digging into the Athleisure trend, Sweet Pants came up with an Active collection. This one offers a performance silhouette that was not on the brand’s register with breathable t-shirts, lightweight jackets, running shorts and squat pants.

With 2nd Skin, the brand wants to develop a specific offer on premium leggings – Sweetpants

It has also initiated an exclusively feminine offer focused on leggings called “2nd skin”. “As at the origin of Sweet Pants, with the tracksuit bottoms, we had the feeling that there was no premium offer on the leggings. We wanted to work this garment on the quality of the material, the colors and cuts “, details Benjamin Kalfon. In the end, an offer starting at 75 euros including long and short shorts versions and full leggings in a color variation which is also a signature of the brand.

But after jogging, the world of sport and leggings, Benjamin Kalfon intends to rub shoulders with another major item: jeans. “I’ve always been a denim enthusiast. Until then it wasn’t right for us. But today as a lot of actors come to fleece, I think it’s time to come up with something else. in addition. I’m working on a five-pocket Japanese canvas, with an Italian hand. But we are testing a lot of things. For spring-summer, we are testing new materials, like linen. Our customers want premium. So we want to offer them beauty and quality “.

Faced with consumers who are more and more fond of a more relaxed wardrobe every day, Sweet Pants intends to find a place in France within the ecosystem of premium brands. Before trying to seduce more widely beyond its borders.

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