Sustainable Leather Forum: the future of leather in question in Paris

On September 13, the Palais Brongniart will host the third edition of the Sustainable Leather Forum. A forum dedicated to CSR (corporate social responsibility, editor’s note) in the leather, luxury and fashion trades, organized by the National Leather Council and intended to address the major challenges facing the industry.

Brongiart Palace

Among the speakers who will take part in the discussions and speeches are Hélène Valade, environmental development director of the LVMH group, Mickaël Royer, vice-president of the Royer group, Marie Laure Piednoir, Sustainable Development manager of Salomon, Damien Pellé, Sustainable development director from Galeries Lafayette and BHV Marais, Pauline Ranger, Footwear Product Manager, and Guillaume de Seynes, Chairman of the Fashion and Luxury Sector Strategy Committee.

Also announced are Jean-Luc Angot (National Committee for Abattoir Ethics), Mauricio Bauer (WWF US), Eric Denécé (French Intelligence Research Center), Egbert Dikkers (Leather Naturally), Bettina Laville (Committee 21), Daniela Liebetegger (United Nations Environment Program, or UNEP), Patrick Mainguené (Insoft), Michael Meyer (Filk Freiberg Institut), Ywan Penvern (Deloitte Sustainability France), Rym Trabelsi (Clear Fashion), Christina Trautmann (Leather Working Group) and Régis Léty (CTC).

The day will be structured around four main sessions. The first will be dedicated to the vegan movement, animal welfare and the responses to address these issues. The carbon footprint of leather and its impact on deforestation will also be addressed through factual data to respond to criticisms. The market place of sport and leisure in the sector in the face of luxury and fashion will be evoked through the challenges of responsible sourcing.

The place of consumer information on the origin of products will be at the center of a dedicated session. A speech will offer an overview of the products presented as alternatives to leather, via a Filk study which FashionNetwork had echoed.


The discussions will take place from 9.15 a.m. to 6 p.m., continuing around a buffet lunch and then a cocktail. Access is offered to professionals for an amount of 90 euros, then 70 euros for other representatives of the same company, on the portal dedicated to the event. Portal which also allows you to find the speeches filmed during the two previous editions of the event.

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