Stop summer for longer! – Anna Lewandowska

I love spring and summer for access to the most delicious, seasonal vegetables and fruits. First spring vegetables, then the madness of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries … It’s a great time to experiment in the kitchen and try new flavors. Unfortunately, the summer seasons last for several months, and then we have to deal with fall and winter. Autumn offers many valuable products (pumpkin, beetroot, carrots, plums, pears). In winter, our diet should still be rich in vegetables and fruits, but how to do it when access to them is difficult or even impossible? I have prepared a few tips for you that will allow you to “keep summer” in the kitchen even in the cold season! 🙂

Frozen foods – should you give them up?

The first way is preparing homemade frozen food, which you will be able to use successfully at a later date. We can freeze almost all fruits and vegetables, except for those with a high water content (tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, melon). It is worth preparing mixes of fruit and vegetables in smaller packages, which will then be perfect for preparing a quick cocktail, soup or vegetable stew.

You’ve probably heard the claims that freezing reduces the content of vitamins and minerals in the product. It’s true, vitamin C is the biggest loss. Nevertheless, it is not worth giving up frozen vegetables and fruits, especially in the period when access to fresh products is difficult. If the diet is varied, we will provide ourselves with the right amount of nutrients. What about ready-made, shop frozen food? We can often find, for example, ready-made frozen vegetables in the pan. In this case, the most important thing will always be the information on the label, more precisely composition of the product (you can read more about food labels HERE). Check if the manufacturer has added unnecessary saturated fat or other unhealthy additives.

Silage – a healthy trend

You’ve probably noticed the fermented products trend that has been around for some time. In addition to traditional cucumbers and cabbage, today we can also find beets, cauliflower, radishes, and even … pickled fruit! Ensiling is a long-known process that allows you to extend the shelf life of products in a natural way. Silage is especially beneficial for our intestinal microbiota, and its condition translates into the health of the whole organism. I wrote about the pickling process HERE. If you have not eaten pickled products so far, it is worth including them in your diet in small steps and gradually increasing their amount to avoid undesirable symptoms from the digestive system.

You can prepare many dishes from pickled products. Pickled vegetables can be an addition to everyday meals (bread, salads, meats and fish), be the basis of salad or soup (cucumber, borscht). On my blog (HERE) you will find a recipe for baked fish with the addition of pickled cucumbers and radishes. Perhaps you will like beetroot or cabbage sourdough? You can drink this drink every day to support your immunity.

Preserves – healthy sweetness closed in a jar

Compotes, jams, mousses and preserves are another way to preserve the taste of summer fruit, which we can enjoy on cold days. They will be your best choice homemade preserves, to which we have added only ingredients selected by us. Fortunately, more and more are appearing on store shelves preserves with a good composition, with a limited content of added sugars.

For those of you who cannot afford to prepare jams yourself, I recommend it jams with no added sugar from my store HERE. Three delicious flavors await you: peach, black currant and strawberry. If you like sweet breakfasts in the form of oatmeal, millet, fritters and pancakes, this fruity addition will be perfect.

It is worth taking care of proper, healthy nutrition all year round, although it is not always easy. It is worth considering how to easily deal with the lack of access to fresh vegetables and fruit, and such a way can be just: frozen meals, silage and fruit preserves. I hope you will take advantage of them and stay healthy all year round 🙂