Socks and moccasins go hand in hand

Dn the vast world of duets and associations, the one that brings together moccasin and sock is a poem in itself. Whole decades that the conflict is bogged down and focused on the question of the material in which the sock should be knitted. Between Scottish yarn, virgin wool and white branded cotton (often mixed with polyester, polyamide, acrylic and elastane in ever more surprising proportions, and synonymous with chain production in factory towns gloomy), it’s a fight.

And the ways out seem hard to find. In the matter, therefore, several visions of the world clash for the control of the same territory circumscribed to a shoe whose daily life waits to be spiced up.

Elite textile

In addition to the imagination of tasting an old peaty whiskey in front of a large fireplace in the library of a sumptuous manor but impossible to heat, even in August, which the mere mention of the moc-sock awakens in some, the Scottish thread refers to a still widespread idea that there is a real nobility of materials.

Or a hierarchical classification of textiles in which the natural fibers would represent a summit, a celestial ceiling, an Eden. In the spirit of the purists, wool, pure cotton, velvet, tweed, silk are part of this textile elite with which the real elegance of the pre-1950s was shaped, before sneakers and “young” culture came along. dirty everything by advocating the aesthetic virtues of synthetic materials.

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A second reading level must be associated with this first level. Here again, the land is codified, not to say mined. On the question of color, even of pattern, the history of traditional elegance still remembers with emotion the crimson socks of the Roman curia, much appreciated by French circles of power.

The return of conventions

With beige, pink or wine-red, the moccasin-sock tandem presents itself in its most illustrious profile, where the logo sock refers to a completely different system of values, to a Faubourian approach to fashion which, from English mods in the sixties to the hip-hop explosion, fueling appearance counter-cultures.

Between desire for openness, faux pas inverted and new conceptions of the beautiful, well dressed, the sporty-moccasin sock tends today to become more conventional and to reconnect with the Anglo-Saxon BCBG spirit which gave birth to it in the early 1960s. Occupying the new center of elegance, it offers the possibility of more classic shapes to find an angle of attack to convert the younger generations, and pass on the torch without letting the flame go out.

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